Resources to Help a Country Facing a Moral Crisis – Free and Interactive Human Rights Educational Materials

Erica Rodgers addressing Congressional aides and human rights advocates on Capitol Hill.

Erica Rodgers addressing Congressional aides and human rights advocates on Capitol Hill.

Mary Shuttleworth, President of YHR International with speakers and awardees on the US Capitol grounds following the US National Human Rights Conference

Mary Shuttleworth, President of YHR International with speakers and awardees on the US Capitol grounds following the 2019 US National Human Rights Conference

“What Are Human Rights?” educational booklet provided free of charge by Youth for Human Rights International

“What Are Human Rights?” educational booklet provided free of charge by Youth for Human Rights International

Youth for Human Rights International offers free materials as well as a free online course to educate students in basic human rights.

Youth for Human Rights International offers free materials as well as a free online course to educate students in basic human rights.

Restoring dignity and worth of the human person with free access to free high-quality materials to educate people of all ages on their fundamental human rights.

Human rights education is the key to reversing our moral crisis.”

— Erica Rodgers, Youth for Human Rights

WASHINGTON , DC, USA, July 15, 2020 / — The goal of a world where people treat each other with respect and dignity is far from a reality. Within the United States, human rights abuses are clearly evident especially in light of recent events involving racism, police reform, human trafficking and other abuses. People are not all treated equally or with the respect and dignity they deserve as human beings. Our only hope is a world reborn through understanding and respect of basic human rights values. This can only be done through effective education.

Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is a nonprofit organization based in California with hundreds of local chapters located in over 192 countries across the globe. YHRI human rights advocates are committed to educating people worldwide on their basic human rights and accompanying responsibilities using the 30 article of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Learning these articles empowers young people to become leaders, advocating for tolerance and peace.

While many other global human rights organizations focus on raising concerns about human rights violations, advancing research and advocating on behalf of the victims of abuse, Youth for Human Rights International complements this work by addressing these issues with educational materials and activities.

“Youth for Human Rights International focuses on preventive actions. We are working to change the course of the future by preventing the abuses from happening in the first place through broad scale education in the 30 basic human rights. Human rights education is the key to reversing our moral crisis,” said Erica Rodgers, Director of the National Office of Youth for Human Rights. The National Office holds numerous educational seminars, as well as the US National Human Rights Conference in Washington, DC.

At the core of its campaign are the informational “What Are Human Rights?” booklets, introducing youth and adults to the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are illustrated in simple and clear language. The booklets are provided free of charge to millions of people around the world and are made available in 17 languages at

The increasing interest of young people in learning their human rights led to the creation of 30 accompanying audiovisual public service announcements (PSAs). Each powerful PSA illustrates an article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through scenarios that appeal to anyone, enabling individuals of any age and literacy level to understand and apply this document.

Filling the need for high-quality and effective human rights education, Youth for Human Rights provides educators worldwide with complete Education Packages in 17 languages, free of charge.

Included in each Education Package are the following human rights action tools:

1. The Youth for Human Rights Educator’s Guide contains lesson plans, enrichment activities, ideas for activating the students on human rights education and a list of specific correlations of the lessons to model education standards. This is a resource for implementing a complete human rights curriculum in your class or school, or can be integrated into an existing curriculum.

2. The Story of Human Rights is a powerful and compelling documentary film that defines human rights by telling the dramatic story of the history and development of human rights from earliest times to the present day. The documentary is suitable for all ages and available in 17 languages.

3. Public service announcements depict each of the 30 Articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These individual videos portray in real-life terms what each one of the 30 human rights is. They have been airing on TV, in movie theaters and sports stadiums all over the world. They are translated in 17 languages.

4. UNITED music video, a winner of more than a dozen international awards—including “Best Short Film” at the New York International Independent Film Festival. This five-minute, street-savvy, multiethnic video gives a human rights message and advocates nonviolence. Available in 17 languages.

5. The “What Are Human Rights?” booklet contains a fully illustrated, youth version of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights that makes human rights understandable for young people. It is available in packages of 24.

6. A set of 30 posters, each highlighting one the 30 human rights, help reinforce human rights education in your school or community centers.

7. Glossary of terms, references to print and online resources.

These tools can empower any educator to bring human rights to life for young people through education. All the materials are free to educators.

About Youth for Human Rights International:

Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 with the mission to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and inspire them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. Their most recent campaign has included #KnowYour30 with the deliberate purpose of increasing awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which lists the 30 human rights every person has – and how these become interwoven into everyday life. To learn more go to or watch

Press Office
Youth for Human Rights International – National Office
+1 202-667-6404
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Recreational Cannabis and Social Consumption Lounges Arrive in Ypsilanti with Oz 

Oz Cannabis Logo

Oz Cannabis

Oz Cannabis Ypsilanti building

Oz Cannabis Ypsilanti building

Oz Cannabis launches adult-use cannabis sales in Ypsilanti; Darren McCarty, Braylon Edwards, others to appear at Grand Opening ceremony Friday July 17

Ypsilanti is flourishing and is on the rise. We bought an Ann Arbor location, then sold it just to locate in Ypsilanti. We love the culture, from Depot Town to the south side neighborhoods.”

— Nemer Haddad, Oz Cannabis

YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN , UNITED STATES, July 16, 2020 / — Recreational cannabis has arrived in Ypsilanti. Oz Cannabis is the first company to receive both city- and state-approval as a marijuana retailer selling medical and adult-use cannabis. The Oz store, located at 19 N. Hamilton is having a Grand Opening celebration on Friday July 17.
Ypsilanti has been a medical marijuana provisioning center city only- until Oz Cannabis arrived. The company has pioneered adult-use sales in the city but is on the brink of opening yet another Ypsilanti first: a social use lounge, currently under construction. A social use lounge is a place where store-bought cannabis can be consumed but not sold. The Oz Cannabis group has been pre-approved for a social use license, one of the first in the state.  
Oz operates four other stores in Michigan, including Detroit, with two more under construction in Owosso and Meridian Township. The group also has facilities in Missouri and Oklahoma. 

At the center of the Oz business is Nemer Haddad, a former jeweler turned marijuana business entrepreneur and a native Michigan resident. Haddad is excited about the re-opening of the Ypsilanti store because of the business' history and the character of the city itself. 

"Ypsilanti is flourishing and is on the rise," Haddad said. "We bought an Ann Arbor location, then sold it just to locate in Ypsilanti. We love the culture, from Depot Town to the south side neighborhoods." Oz Cannabis is located in the same building as the historic 3rd Coast dispensary, which began in 2009. 

Friday's Grand Opening is expected to be filled with cannabis industry influencers and notable figures, including: four-time Stanley Cup winner, former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty; former University of Michigan and NFL star Braylon Edwards; 3rd Coast original owners Darrell Stavros and Jamie Lowell; other celebrities will be attending. Official opening ceremonies begin at 1pm. Social distancing will be observed. The store will be open at 10am for adults 21 and over or medical cannabis card holders.
Media is welcome to attend without confirmation. Parking is available for television trucks nearby.

Interviews will be available with principals and other industry figures as early as 11am. 

Learn more about Oz Cannabis on their website at:

Cheyanne Jorgensen
Oz Cannabis
+1 517-896-9352
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IntuitiveX Spearheads Joint Venture between CirculeX & Kinaptic LLC to Fight Deep Vein Thrombosis

IntuitiveX announces today it has completed a joint venture between CirculeX & Kinaptic LLC to develop wearable electronics for deep vein thrombosis

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2020 / — Connecticut based wearable device company KinAptic LLC announces today that it has completed a joint venture with Seattle based wearable device company CirculeX to form KinAptic Inc. KinAptic Inc. will bring the assets, capabilities, and knowledge of both companies together to jointly develop wearable electronics for deep vein thrombosis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the adoption of digital healthcare solutions around the world. Many hospitalized patients that battle the virus end up with life threatening clots forming in their deep veins. Our joint venture’s focus is on the near term release of our DVT prevention and remote patient monitoring product, and positioning our technology as the healthcare provider's go-to adjunct medical device for in-home and at-hospital use.” John Daniels, CEO of KinAptic Inc."

KinAptic’s solution is a wearable electronic smart garment utilizing neuromuscular electrical stimulation paired with a smartphone application that reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. The solution is convenient, affordable, and mobile when compared with existing Pneumatic Pressure Cuff systems. The smart application will also allow for remote patient monitoring when integrated with telemedicine systems.

“Our bodies were designed through evolution to squeeze the deep veins by the actuation of our calf muscles simply by walking around. This muscle pump action returns the blood against the force of gravity from the lower legs to the heart.” says John Daniels, CEO of KinAptic Inc. “Wearable electronics activates the body’s own electrical and mechanical system to discharge blood through the deep veins and prevent thrombosis. Our vision is to become the standard of care within the next three to five years in hospitals and at home for the prevention and monitoring of deep vein thrombosis.”

With the close of the joint venture, KinAptic Inc. The company is pleased to announce that serial entrepreneur, spine surgeon, and IntuitiveX CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Roh, has joined the Board of Directors. He is joined by co-founders Simon Robinson, John Daniels, Joseph Curcio, and Mark Day on the Board.
KinAptic Inc. serves as an active portfolio company of IntuitiveX, a premier leading life science technology incubator and consultancy.

IntuitiveX manages the creation of the joint venture and will continue to work with KinAptic Inc. to bring these products to the market as a portfolio company. For more information about KinAptic Inc., please e-mail

About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a life science consulting firm and incubator. With a team of life science entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, IntuitiveX brings a combined 100+ years of experience in R&D, Clinical, Surgical, IP Strategy, Prototyping, Product Development, and Commercialization. We catalyze medical innovation by removing the complexities, cost barriers, and time sensitivities related to introducing new products into the market. From initial concept to final commercialization, IntuitiveX has the in-house knowledge and network to meet the unique needs of the most innovative life science companies in the world. With a portfolio spanning 12+ life sciences companies from spinal implant devices to AI/ML in surgical navigation, IntuitiveX is capable of generating millions in value, making the opportunity to diversify one's investment simple.

About Kinaptic Inc.
Kinaptic’s mission is to save hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives that are lost throughout the world due to blood clots forming in the deep veins of the lower legs. We will do this with our patented wearable electronics that combine low cost electronics for applying electrical muscle stimulation to activate the body’s muscle pump, detect relevant biometric information before a clot has formed, and wirelessly transmit the data to alert a caregiver of an impending thrombotic condition.

Emeka Alozie
IntuitiveX, Inc.
+ +1 2819026391
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Puhff Expands and Joins the California Grocers Association

How this minority owned company joined the CGA in order to better serve it's communities

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2020 / — Minority Owned Company Takes Business to a New Level by Joining the California Grocers Association

Puhff is taking no breaks and determined to make sure their face masks are found where the people shop! By partnering with this association, Puhff has made a commitment to California and supports it’s people with much needed face masks.

Being a wholesaler, Puhff, has been working behind the scenes to bridge the gap between resource and business. However, bridging this gap is not something easily done alone. That's why this partnership has proven to be so important to the company! Having support and the connections this organization allows Puhff to reach new places and heights.

As Puhff grows as a wholesaler and as a company, they have seen the benefits of their work. Being able to keep people safe, not only from the virus, but from day to day air pollution, has become the utmost important goal.

Moreover, Puhff wants to make sure the safety measures taken during this pandemic continue in order to protect the people from the growing issue of pollution. Masks help filter out harmful airborne bacteria, pollutants, and other microorganisms that are harmful to people. This is a step towards making masks a prevalent and accessible safety measure for day to day life.

Being built from the ground up, Puhff, is set to be a fast growing company, and this milestone, is one of many. The wholesale face masks this company has and is producing, are for the people, and with California Grocers Associations support, more masks will be in the hands of the people.

Blair Jones
Puhff Mask and Accessories
+1 888-262-7819
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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The Grand Healthcare System – before, during and after COVID-19 all across New York State

The Grand Healthcare System Logo

While the Coronavirus pandemic ravaged through NY Nursing Homes, The Grand facilities did all they could to ensure the safety & well-being of residents & staff.

No one thinks the virus has been vanquished, but as long-term care leaders we are using the lull to evaluate what we have learned, further improve our practices, care plans and processes.”

— Jeremy B. Strauss, CEO

For Immediate Release

The Grand Healthcare System – before, during and after COVID-19 all across New York State

While the Coronavirus pandemic ravaged through New York State Nursing Homes, The Grand Healthcare System facilities did everything to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and staff from Long Island to Buffalo and everywhere in between.

As a premier healthcare system with over 17 award-winning rehabilitation and nursing and assisted living facilities throughout the State of New York, The Grand cared for thousands of elderly and infirm residents through a devoted and dedicated team of professionals in its employ. At the outset of and during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Grand moved mountains and removed all barriers to purchase and secure sufficient PPE early on and continuously throughout the scarce and difficult times. “We tried to be ahead of the curve by purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of PPE early on and continued all the way through until today. We did whatever necessary to keep our staff and residents safe” says Jeremy B. Strauss, CEO of The Grand Healthcare System.

“It was the single most difficult and harrowing experiences of my professional life. Only due to the tireless hard work and heroic efforts of our most unbelievable team are we able to overcome this dreadful virus”, says Mr. Strauss.

We mourn and sympathize with all those who lost a loved one to this disease and their memory will never be forgotten.

The Grand is proud of its success stories and overall results. Over 81% of all COVID-19 infected residents have recovered under The Grand integrative care system. Furthermore, The Grand boasts a huge number of residents who have successfully been discharged and sent home in good health.

In addition, continues Mr. Strauss, “No one thinks the virus has been vanquished, but as long-term care leaders we are using the lull to evaluate what we have learned, further improve our practices, care plans and processes as well as to stock up on supplies we will need in case of G-d forbid a second wave”.

Best case scenario, of course, is keeping it out altogether, says Mr. Strauss. “We currently perform routine, COVID-19 testing in all our facilities and every employee is tested on a weekly basis and questioned daily per shift for symptoms, fever etc”.

We have also been installing tablet computers that can scan body temperature and proper mask placement at each front door that can alert the front desk if any symptom is detected. We are doing everything in our power- including stockpiling copious amounts of PPE into storage, and using technological tools, so we can focus on care.

Caring for the whole person means the mind-body effect can't be ignored either, says Ms. Vania Loppe, VP of Nursing Services. “As we had to completely restrict all visitors from our facilities for the safety of our residents, we immediately set up our existing GrandTech iPad system so residents could easily communicate with family members and join special and familial events. Families are able to email their loved ones directly or through our staff to speak with their loved one face to face at their convenience. It alleviated a lot of the isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March, we have facilitated thousands of ‘Virtual Visits’ that connected family members around the globe.”

The goal of The Grand Healthcare System is to provide the highest quality of clinical care and customer service to our residents through the most professional, devoted, talented and committed team of staff anywhere in the New York State Healthcare arena. Our mantra is “Get Better. Go Home” and we achieve it every day.


Based in Rockville Centre, N.Y., The Grand Healthcare System offers customized rehabilitation and nursing services to patients who require either short- or long-term care. Its state-of-the-art facilities, which are located at 17 sites across New York, feature certified instructors who provide exceptional clinical care to help residents achieve their wellness goals. All facilities offer carefully curated entertaining and dining options, and tranquil grounds for optimal recuperation. For more information, visit or call (718) 215.6000

Shelley Serber
The Grand Healthcare System
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Dr. Jay Grossman, L.A.’s Celebrity Dentist, Gives Condolences to Friend John Travolta on Kelly Preston's Passing

Kelly Preston (left) Dr. Jay Grossman (right)

“To a wonderful, caring, charismatic women, thank you for your unwavering commitment to your husband John and your children.” – Dr. Jay Grossman

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2020 / — Kelly Preston, an actress best known for her role as a hardhearted fiancée of the Tom Cruise character in the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” died on Sunday in Florida. She was 57 years old. Her husband, the actor John Travolta, said in an Instagram post on Monday that the cause was breast cancer. She had been treated for the cancer for two years, he said, something she had kept largely to herself. Travolta and Preston had three kids over the course of their relationship. Their eldest son, Jett, passed away in 2009, their daughter Ella Bleu was born in 2000, and their youngest son, Benjamin, was born in 2010.

The impact of Preston’s passing has been a shock to many. Friends and family of Preston are all deeply saddened by the untimely announcement. One such friend of Preston’s family is celebrity dentist from Concierge Dentistry, Dr. Jay Grossman. “To a wonderful, caring, charismatic women, thank you for your unwavering commitment to your husband John and your children", states Dr. Grossman. “It has been a privilege to know you, and you will be sorely missed.”

Ms. Preston broke into film and television in the early 1980s, often playing a young and sexy character, as she did in the 1985 comedy “Mischief”. But the next year, in “Space Camp,” she wasn’t so shallow; her character, Tish, seems to be the teenage Valley Girl stereotype but turns out to be a genius who plays a pivotal role during a crisis.

Ms. Preston aged into the types of cute-but-smart adult roles often identified with Meg Ryan. A breakthrough was the 1988 comedy “Twins,” where she played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love interest. She met Mr. Travolta in 1988, when they worked on the comedy “The Experts,” released the next year. They married in 1991. She had a cameo with Mr. Travolta in the 2000 sci-fi flop “Battlefield Earth,” and the couple worked together in the 2018 film “Gotti,” in which Mr. Travolta played the Mafia boss John Gotti and Ms. Preston his wife, Victoria Gotti.

“Our condolences to our friend John Travolta and his children Ella & Ben, on the recent passing of Kelly Preston, who was battling breast cancer for the last two years,” states Dr. Grossman.

Preston had a very close relationship with her two kids, Ella Bleu and Benjamin, a quality her husband shared as well. Travolta explained once how Benjamin had helped the family to “re-bond” following the tragic passing of their eldest son, Jett, in 2009. To this day, the family posts Happy Birthday messages on social media to Jett, celebrating his life. Hopefully, the family can once again be strong together in a time they need each other most.


Dr. Jay Grossman ( has a concierge dental practice in Brentwood, CA since 1991 with several specialists offering "continuity of care", all specialties under one roof. He is a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry as well as a former Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps. He is a current Professor at UCLA College of Dentistry, Professor at NYU College of Dentistry and a former Professor at Western University College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Grossman is a speaker on the national stage, and the founder of Homeless Not Toothless, an organization that has donated over $5 – Million in free dental care to over 60,000 homeless Veterans and foster children.

Dr. Jay Grossman and his Concierge Dentistry team’s goal has always been simple, to deliver the finest dental care available. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, they provide modern imaging capabilities that allow their patients to clearly see the reasons for procedures and the intended results. They recognize that patients are individuals with different goals and needs, and they strive to provide a soothing and educational environment where extraordinary results are realized.
Concierge Dentistry
11980 San Vicente Blvd #507
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 820-0123

Ways to help our Veterans and foster youth:
1. Whiten your teeth in an hour: Donate a minimum of $200 to HNT (which provides free dental care to Veterans and foster children) and we will whiten your teeth for FREE as a thank you. Offer open to all, regardless if you are a patient of record.

2. Buy Lonesome Rider Coffee
Homeless Not Toothless has teamed up with the Veteran owned coffee company, Lonesome Rider Coffee, to raise money and awareness for Homeless Not Toothless, which is in desperate need for personal protective equipment so we can treat our Veterans. Lonesome Rider Coffee is donating 25% of each bag of coffee and purchase of an HNT mug back to Homeless Not Toothless and their coffee is EXTRAORDINARY! (some of the best coffee I have ever had!!)

3. Using Amazon to Support Homeless Not Toothless, withOUT it costing you a penny! Amazon has a program that allows all your orders to donate 1% back to charity. This costs NOTHING to you. Amazon takes 1% of their profits and donates it back. How it works is SMILE.AMAZON.COM is the exact same website as but allows you to buy your items with the 1% donation. Please replace your bookmarks and bookmark The link will allow you to directly connect to Homeless Not Toothless. Please follow this link and sign up for free!

Aurora DeRose
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Dr. Jeffrey Sack Explains the Many Advantages of Flying Via Private Jet

Dr. Jeffrey Sack

Dr. Jeffrey Sack

SARASOTA, FL, USA, July 15, 2020 / — Certified flight instructor Dr. Jeffrey Sack explains the numerous advantages of flying via private jet versus commercial airlines.

Commercial airline has long been the most popular way to fly. It's cost-effective, safe, and somewhat convenient. However, those who have traveled via private jet will argue that anyone traveling via commercial airline is truly missing out. Dr. Jeffrey Sack is a certified flight instructor and airline transport rated pilot with multiple jet type ratings, and he argues that private jet is the only way to fly.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack recently discussed the many advantages of flying via private jet, especially during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. He stated that, right now, there's no safer way to take to the skies. Travelers can step aboard a plane with a very small number of people who are taking the necessary sanitation and safety measures. Dr. Jeffrey Sack explained that commercial planes cram dozens of people into a small space, and many of them do not disclose that they are feeling symptoms of sickness. He added that private jet companies are taking additional precautions to sanitize the aircraft and keep customers safe, which is drastically easier when accommodating a smaller number of people and seats.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack Sarasota explained that traveling via private jet is drastically more convenient than traveling via commercial airline. He stated that those who travel via private jet typically never want to fly via commercial airline again. This is because travelers avoid all of the annoyances of commercial air travel, including long check-in lines, baggage fees, arriving two hours before departure, and more. Dr. Jeffrey Sack stated that travelers of private jet flights can often travel to airports closer to their destination while only needing to show up roughly 30 minutes before eradicating the need to deal with lines or excessive waits.

Private jet pilots and travelers, like Dr. Jeffrey Sack, continuously praise private jets for their comfort. Even the smallest private planes offer plenty of legroom, spotless facilities, and comforts you simply can't find on commercial airlines. Private jet charters often come with free on-board WiFi, entertainment options, and five-star cuisine. Dr. Jeffrey Sack stated that to fly via private jet charter is to fly in luxury.

Finally, Dr. Jeffrey Sack explained that flying via private jet is more affordable than most people think. Typically, a company offers a single rate for the charter, and that rate is divided amongst the people flying. Many times, the total for each traveler is only slightly more than a first-class airline ticket. Even more, he explained this doesn't include the invaluable time travelers save.

Dr. Jeffrey Sack concluded by suggesting that travelers consider flying via private jet to save time, enjoy more on-board luxuries, and arrive at their destinations in good health.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Dr. Jeffrey Sack

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Westelcom Acquires West Coast Unified Communications Provider Teo

Teo A Westelcom Company

NY Telecom Company Purchases UC Provider To offer End To End Solutions

This transaction significantly enhances our ability to expand our vision of providing Mission Critical Unified Communications Solutions throughout the United States”

— Paul Barton

WATERTOWN, NY, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2020 / — July 2020 – Westelcom, a leading provider of Advanced Communications Services throughout New York State, announced today that they have acquired Teo Communications Services.

Headquartered in Mukilteo WA., Teo Communications Services manufactures and supports an end-to-end unified communications solution sold nationally to mid-market enterprise customers through a business partner channel.

“This transaction significantly enhances our ability to expand our vision of providing Mission Critical Unified Communications Solutions throughout the United States,” said Paul Barton, President of Westelcom. “The acquisition brings us a proprietary technology platform allowing us to provide solutions unmatched by our National Competition and more importantly, a dedicated and talented national sales, marketing, engineering, and support team.”
The combined company will provide a strategic suite of Mission Critical Unified Communications Solutions and Advanced Communications Services delivered over private Software-Defined Wide Area Networks. The company will back its solutions with enhanced support services and integrated network intelligence services. The acquisition will increase Westelcom’s portfolio of existing managed unified communications and hosted voice offerings to include premise and hybrid offerings and expand the company's reach to a national footprint.

Westelcom will work with a national team of business partners, consultants, agents, and managed service providers to deliver the highest levels of service, communication, and network intelligence to its customers.
With a history that dates back 110 years of telecom experience and 35 years of providing mission-critical voice and data services throughout the Northeast, Westelcom has the foundation it needs to help companies in the U.S and Canada unify from coast to coast.

About Westelcom
The NY company offers a strategic suite of business communication services. Westelcom delivers its services over a regional fiber network connected to a geo-diverse switching platform with layered connectivity to the internet and cloud. As a leading carrier of telecommunication services, Westelcom has extensive expertise in serving the health care industry, providing managed internet and threat intelligence services to regional telemedicine networks, multiple hospitals, and several hundred medical facilities. Their Mission is to exceed customers’ expectations by providing excellent customer service in communications solution design, delivery, and support. 866.482.5427 Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn

About Teo Communications Services, Inc.
Teo is a national Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions provider serving commercial, government, defense, and intelligence markets since 1972. Teo’s portfolio includes industry-leading Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions. or call 800-524-0024

Deirdre Forcier
+1 518-569-2549
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AugRay has launched Web AR based 3D avatar service, designed for businesses looking to maximize employee engagement

Virtual Communications

AugRay’s WebAR Avatar Platform

Reorienting To A New Normal with immersive AR solutions to engage with employees, partners and stakeholders.

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, July 16, 2020 / — AugRay has announced the launch of an innovative 3D Avatar Platform that allows businesses to effectively communicate with their employees nationally and internationally despite travel & social distancing restrictions during the pandemic. Companies can organize internal events and engage their staff or customers with an immersive and interactive virtual experience through the creation of a 3D Avatar.

The team explains that this unique 3D Avatar platform can be used in regular meetings or to engage in a one-off event such as an annual company event, which cannot be held in current new normal situation due to the outbreak.

AugRay were formed in 2014 and are now global leaders in augmented reality technology for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. They design augmented and virtual reality solutions for businesses to communicate with and engage their stakeholders, both internally and externally. Their technology provides new opportunities for businesses to communicate during the pandemic.

More information can be found at:

In While large scale public meetings and travel remain difficult at home and abroad, the use of new technology has ensured that businesses can continue to operate. AugRay's innovative platform helps create 3D look alike avatars that can animate and communicate instantly. They can be used to facilitate successful conversations with employees, partners, and vendors on a regular basis.

An example of the successful application of this innovative and engaging technology was provided by a global leader in medical technology. They recently approached AugRay with a brief to involve their employees and drive active participation during their annual employee meeting. AugRay used its Avatar Platform to develop an intuitive Augmented Reality solution for near-personal interactions.

Experience it here

The platform allowed the organization’s Managing Director to enter the employee’s virtual space to personally interact and communicate with a personalized message for these times. The employees, safely at home, could scan a QR code to open the smartphone camera application and position the 3D avatar of the leader virtually on their real space, delivering the message.

This experience was completely seamless, and took just a few seconds to load, giving the employees an uninterrupted experience. All of this was made possible without the need for installing a new application on individual devices.

The 3D Avatar conversation using Augmented Reality is a first-of-its-kind innovation. It’s designed to shape the future of working from home to maximize productivity as well as collaboration.

Interested media professionals are encouraged to contact Rubina Sheikh at

Business inquiries can be directed to Kuldeep Pathak at

SaiRam Anugula
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Experience AugRay’s WebAR Avatar for Corporate Events and Meetings

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AV-Comparatives releases long-term enterprise antivirus test report for 19 leading endpoint security solutions

Enterprise Test H1 2020 getestete Produkte - AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 getestete Produkte – AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 RWT Results - AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 RWT Results – AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 RWT Results - AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 RWT Results – AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 Certificate - AV-Comparatives

Enterprise Test H1 2020 Certificate – AV-Comparatives

Most comprehensive comparative report on business and enterprise endpoint security solutions published by AV-Comparatives

Companies are increasingly becoming targets of cyber-attacks. An attack can shut down the whole company, if not drive it into bankruptcy. Therefore, security has to be the responsibility of the CEO.”

— Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder of AV-Comparatives

INNSBRUCK, TYROL, AUSTRIA, July 15, 2020 / — Independent, ISO-certified security testing lab AV-Comparatives has released its July 2020 Business Security Test Report. It is the most comprehensive comparative report of enterprise endpoint security solutions available.

The threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly, presenting antivirus vendors with new challenges. The test report shows how security products have adapted to these, and improved protection over the years.

The business and enterprise test report contains the test results for the first half of 2020, including the Real-World Protection, Malware Protection, Performance (Speed Impact) and False-Positives Tests. Full details of test methodologies and results are provided in the report.

Endpoint security solutions for enterprise and SMB from 19 leading vendors were put through the test series. These were: Acronis, Avast, Bitdefender, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Cybereason, Elastic, ESET, FireEye, Fortinet, G Data, K7, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Panda, Sophos, SparkCognition, VIPRE, VMware.

Real-World Protection Test
The Real-World Protection Test is a long-term test, run over a period of four months. It simulates a typical business and tests how well the endpoint protection software can protect the system against Internet-borne threats.

Malware Protection Test
The Malware Protection Test requires the tested products to detect malicious programs that could be encountered on the company systems, e.g. on the local area network or external drives.

Performance Test
Performance Test checks that tested products do not provide protection at the expense of slowing down the system.

False Positives Test
For each of the protection tests, a False Positives Test is run. These ensure that the endpoint protection software does not cause significant numbers of false alarms, which can be particularly disruptive in business networks.

Ease of Use Review
The report also includes a detailed user-interface review of each product, providing an insight into what it is like to use in typical day-to-day management scenarios.
Overall, AV-Comparatives’ July 2020 Business Report provides IT managers and C
ISOs with a detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the tested products, allowing them to make informed decisions on which ones might be appropriate for their specific needs.
The Enterprise and Business Endpoint Security Report is available to everyone for free:

In the second half of 2020, AV-Comparatives will be repeating its Business Main Test Series, and additionally performing an Advanced Protection Test. Results of all these tests will be published in December.

Endpoint Prevention and Detection Test (EPP/EDR)
The Innsbruck-based lab will also be running its industry-leading enterprise-class Endpoint Prevention and Response CyberRisk Test for the first time. This will analyse the ability of business security software to defend against the growing menace of advanced persistent threats (APTs). Details of the Endpoint Prevention and Response CyberRisk Test can be found here: Vendors interested in details can contact AV-Comparatives.

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