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"Medicare Made Clear" A book on turning 65 or retiring.

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This Medicare book answers all the basic and hard questions. "Medicare Made Clear" is an absolute must read if you are retiring or turning 65.

Thank You Keith! This book was easy to follow and cleared up a lot of the fog my brain had surrounding Medicare. Not anymore!”

— Allen

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2018 / — Press Release For New Book. Good Medicare books help many people. If you are turning 65 or retiring this book about Medicare will help you.

FOR RELEASE July 15, 2018
Media Contact: Keith Armbrecht, 1-877-88KEITH (8778853484)

Download "Medicare Made Clear"
This Book Answers Many Common Questions About Medicare

Medicare on Video’s Keith Armbrecht launches Medicare Made Clear. The new book features everything that a person who is turning 65 or retiring needs answered about "my Medicare" in a clear and concise step-by-step process.

Most people ages 65 and over are covered by the federal health insurance program called Medicare. (A younger person can be covered if he or she is disabled or has permanent kidney failure also known as End-Stage Renal Disease.) In fact, over 40 million Americans are on the program, making it a crucial healthcare benefit. As a beneficiary, persons covered under Medicare get most of their health care included. However, as the book explains, not everything is covered.

Without medicare books such as Medicare Made Clear, individuals are forced to work through bulky and sometimes complicated explanations of Medicare and how it is enforced. However, Armbrecht takes an individual step-by-step through a thorough explanation of Medicare and who is eligible. He explains what medical conditions and situations are covered and what is not covered, as well as demystifying Medicare’s prescription drug program.

Many people are unaware that there are two ways to receive Medicare benefits. Ambrecht explains the traditional Original Medicare, one that more people are familiar, and the more recent Medicare Advantage Plan and goes over the pros and cons of each.

A favorite question regarding Medicare is when a person should apply. People will ask, "Can I apply for my Medicare at any time, whenever I choose? The answer is “No.” An individual should sign-up for Medicare three months before their 65th birthday even if the person is not ready to receive the benefits, and Ambrecht explains why this is important.

One of the most confusing things about Medicare is its four parts Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Under the Original Medicare Plan, the traditional option, Parts A and B are categorized. Part C falls under the Medicare Advantage Plan. Part D covers prescription drugs. Ambrecht thoroughly reviews each part of Medicare, including every major and minor point. Part A represents hospital insurance, and individuals need to be aware that this portion of Medicare is typically premium-free. Part B is medical insurance for things like doctors’ office visits, X-rays, blood tests, etc. This part of Medicare involves a monthly premium. Then there’s Medicare Advantage or Part C of Medicare. Going with this part of Medicare is optional as long as you have Part A and Part B. Finally, there’s Part D, which is the prescription drug coverage. Every aspect of these various parts is made clear in Medicare Made Clear.

Understanding Medicare and how it works is just part of it. Most people are concerned about how much the coverage cost. In Medicare Made Clear, the costs are reviewed. Ambrecht makes it clear that although a person can get excellent coverage under Medicare, not everything is covered. Out-of-pocket expenses exist in a Medicare health care plan and they include:

1. A premium is a monthly amount that a Medicare eligible person pays to benefit from the program. Ambrecht explains that this cost is typically out-of-pocket, but some people who qualify for Medicaid (a state and federal program for those with low incomes) may get help paying for premiums.

2. A deductible is a standard fee seen in many different healthcare programs and Medicare is no exception. A person pays a yearly amount out-of-pocket before the Medicare benefits kick in, although some plans don’t have deductibles.

3. Some Medicare recipients are required to pay a copayment. This is a sharing of the healthcare cost and can typically be found in Medicare Advantage and the Part D plan.

4. For the Medicare Part B section of Medicare, a coinsurance is sometimes implemented. This is a percentage of the costs rather than a flat fee.

5. Limited Maximum Not a part of original Medicare, this expenditure provides a yearly limit on your out-of-pocket expenses.

One of the most significant parts of Medicare Made Clear is the additional material on Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plus including explaining the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS), and the other types of Medicare Advantage Plans. In addition, Ambrecht explains Medigap, otherwise known as Medicare Supplement Insurance, and how it works with Medicare. As well as diving into further information about Medicare Plan D.

Finally, every year Medicare tweaks its program with information that every beneficiary needs to know. Medicare Made Clear goes over updates and changes for 2018 and makes it clear as to what a person needs to do to take advantage of the program’s policies and updated policies. There’s no need to find these updates with any other source.

How does one sign up for Medicare? In addition to individuals being guided through the Medicare process and its various plans step-by-step, a complete explanation is given as to how to sign up for Medicare and what exactly should be done to obtain the coverage.

After an individual has reviewed Medicare Made Clear, he or she will have all the information they need to know about Medicare and all of its factions.

For more information about Medicare On Video and the work that they do, visit, or call 877-88KEITH.

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Keith Armbrecht
Medicare on Video
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What Is The Best Medicare Supplement – Find the Right Plan – Find The Best Price

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Al Jisr foundation visits CERF and UNGC

In the picture (From Left to Right) – Sultan Al Busaidi, Lisa Doughten & Zaher Al Hosni

In the picture (From Left to Right) –Zaher Al Hosni, Sultan Al Busaidi & Alex Stein

MUSCAT , OMAN, July 15, 2018 / — Al Jisr Foundation visits Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in New York after signing the UN Global Compact earlier this year. The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world and CERF is a humanitarian fund established by the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2005.
Being one of CERF’s donors, the directors of the Al-Jisr foundation met the chief of the CERF secretariat Lisa Doughten in her office to enhance the relationship between both the organisations and to discuss potential future co-operation on international sustainable projects including the possible new areas that can be focussed and ventured. These initiatives definitely has given Al-Jisr Foundation a global reach as its projects focusses outside of its home country Oman.

Zaher Al Hosni, Director of Miras Investment, Mazaya Oman and Al Jisr Foundation said, “the only way for us to see a positive change in our future is if we all come together and work as a nation. Only after understanding our differences and seeing how our differences can be made advantageous, we will be able to create a bigger positive impact in the world.”

Then the directors met Alex Stein, Managing Director, Foundation for the Global Compact & Chief Financial Officer, UN Global Compact.

After signing the UNGC, it was important for Al Jisr Foundation Directors to have an insight on the procedures, policies and best practices for an efficient implémentation process. Moreover, this complements Al Jisr Foundation’s new strategy which focuses on sustainable projects in healthcare and education. Furthermore, the next agenda will be to promote UNGC in the country of Oman and its region by being a role model and enhance their partnership with CERF.

About the Al Jisr Foundation
Al Jisr is a private Zakat foundation focused on creating strategic impact through (emergency) healthcare and education initiatives. As Oman’s first non-profit organization to sign the United Nations Global Compact, it is particularly focussed on steering Oman towards the achievement of the universally adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

Azza Nasser Al Barwani
Al Jisr Foundation
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Central New Jersey Entrepreneur Wins Distinguished Award For 2017 Performance

Comfort Keepers of NJ

Comfort Keepers of NJ

I am so honored to have been given the Quest for Excellence Award.”

— Stephanie Howe, Owner


The Comfort Keepers in-home care franchisor, CK Franchising, Inc., recently recognized Stephanie Howe of Comfort Keepers New Jersey for an outstanding achievement with the Quest for Excellence Award. Howe’s hard work and dedication to Comfort Keepers does not go unnoticed, as this award shows.

What is the Quest for Excellence Award?

The annual Quest for Excellence Award recognizes Comfort Keepers franchises that are performing top sales with revenue growth or that deliver the greatest percentage year-over-year revenue growth within a category. Howe’s outstanding business performance in 2017 has landed her this award.

“Comfort Keepers is very fortunate to have Stephanie providing services to seniors and other adults in need in Central New Jersey” said Carl McManus, CEO Comfort Keepers, North America. “Her hard work, tenacity, and commitment to her clients truly deserve to be recognized and applauded.”

As part of the Quest for Excellence Award, Howe will be sent on an incentive trip and event at The Pearl Resort in Rosemary Beach, FL.

Who is Stephanie Howe?

Howe is the owner of four central New Jersey Comfort Keepers. She has owned Comfort Keepers franchises for 13 years now and has since then accelerated the growth of her franchises astronomically. Howe was inspired to begin her Comfort Keepers journey when her mother, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, was admitted into a nursing home due to lack of other options.

Howe knew that she could create a better solution to the problem. Since then, Howe has made it her mission to help not only the elderly in need but also anyone who needs in-home care services in order to continue to live comfortably in their own home. Her dedication to her personal mission has translated into her professional work through the growth of her businesses.

Howe is a Registered Nurse who has been elected to the National Advisory Council. As part of the Council, she represents other franchises across the country at the Comfort Keepers corporate level.

In 2016, Howe opened the New Jersey Caregiver Academy. The academy trains and certifies caregivers as Certified Home Health Aides with the Board of Nursing. This provides Comfort Keepers caregivers excellent professional training with the best curriculum.

“I am so honored to have been given the Quest for Excellence Award,” Howe said. “Comfort Keepers isn’t only a job to me, it is part of who I am.”

What is Comfort Keepers?

Comfort Keepers is a franchise that offers in-home care services to seniors and others who are in need of assistance. It allows them to continue living comfortably in their own homes while maintaining their independence and enhancing their quality of life.

Comfort Keepers offers a variety of in-home care services. These include respite care, transitioning home care, end of life care, and many more. Regardless of which service, Comfort Keepers aims to provide top quality caregiving while also providing companionship to their clients.

If you would like to know more about the services Comfort Keepers provides, contact us today at (732) 228-4200.

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

Joe Fuhrman
Comfort Keepers, Warren, NJ
(732) 369-3639
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Biometrics firm SmilePass partners with Nigeria’s Kwara State to launch ‘selfie’-driven healthcare

The Universal Health Insurance Program that will bring primary medical care to the rural state’s 3 million citizens at the flash of a face.

I’m sure it will be life-changing for many families and it is also fantastic to see our biometric technology used for socially impactful schemes.”

— Grant Crow, CEO, SmilePass

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 13, 2018 / — Biometrics platform SmilePass have partnered with Kwara State in Nigeria to launch a Universal Health Insurance Program that will bring primary medical care to the rural state’s 3 million citizens at the flash of a face.

Nigeria’s population numbers 186 million citizens, many of whom live in rural environments and so access to quality primary healthcare can be challenging. But it is a challenge that is now being tackled in Kwara State with facial recognition “selfie” technology.

The objective of the program, launched yesterday, is to provide Kwara State citizens with affordable primary healthcare: when citizens register, the state will cover 70% of the healthcare costs. Citizens simply have to take a selfie on their phone which will match their face to their registered medical record — proving their eligibility and opening up their access to healthcare.

Several trials of fingerprint recognition technology have been attempted however in rural areas the worn fingers of the largely agricultural population meant that the devices failed to accurately recognise people.

The state then turned to SmilePass for its reliable facial recognition technology.

SmilePass CEO Grant Crow, said: “It has been a fascinating and rewarding program to work on. When Kwara State realised that fingerprint reading technology was not effective — they approached us to help implement our facial recognition technology.”

All 80,000 state employees are now registered and trained field workers are poised to register a further 500,000 citizens over the next 90 days in the scheme. Fieldworkers will capture citizens’ biographical details as well as their facial recognition “selfies” which will be registered in the database.

“We were thrilled to learn that Kwara State wants every citizen to be covered by the healthcare program — I’m sure it will be life-changing for many families and it is also fantastic to see our biometric technology used for socially impactful schemes,” Crow added.

The benefits for the state are clear: allowing citizens access to essential care to improve their health will help to reduce poverty and potentially increase productivity. Kwara State’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and a healthier population could mean stronger economic benefits for all.

Kwara State has created a specific agency to manage the healthcare program — the Kwara Health Insurance Agency — as well as setting up an insurance fund for the program.

The project was launched with the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed, and is part-sponsored by the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group.

In 2016, Nigeria was ranked 187th out of 200 countries for healthcare quality as well as very low on a number of common health indicators such as expected lifespan and mortality rates at birth.

Healthcare funding by private out-of-pocket payments is unaffordable to many Nigerians, but biometric technology can now play a part in democratising the system and bring healthcare and hope to millions.

About SmilePass
SmilePass uses ground-breaking biometric solutions to manage identification and authentication across the customer journey – controlling the impact of fraud, social engineering and theft. Re-launched in 2018, SmilePass is based in London. The SmilePass flexible platform works with companies all over the world to build secure and trusted communities. For more information visit or contact

Laura Roberts
Good Stories Ltd
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Community Oncology Alliance Finds Proposals in 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Puzzling

CMS Proposals Devalue Evaluation and Management of Cancer in Seniors, Will Raise Drug Costs

No words can adequately describe how puzzling the CMS 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposals are”

— Ted Okon, executive director of COA

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / — Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its proposed rule for the 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Although the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) has not yet conducted an in-depth analysis of the rule, there are two proposals that initially raise alarm.

First, CMS is proposing to drastically cut payment for the critical evaluation and management of more complex cancer cases from $172 to $135 (a 22% payment cut) for a new patient and from $148 to $93 (a 37% payment cut) for an existing patient. Although CMS is proposing to streamline the reporting of these cases, the proposal severely undervalues the thorough and critical evaluation and management of seniors with cancer, especially life-threatening complex cases.

Second, CMS is proposing to cut Medicare Part B reimbursement for new cancer drugs and other specialty therapies to the rate of list price plus 1.35%, factoring in the sequester cut, for the first six months on the market. This is a payment cut from the current rate of wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) plus 6%, or what is really plus 4.3% when factoring in the sequester. COA believes that this payment cut for new cancer therapies will result in drug manufacturers actually increasing WAC list prices so that their new products will not be at a competitive disadvantage to existing products which are reimbursed at average sales price (ASP) plus 6%.

“No words can adequately describe how puzzling the CMS proposals are,” said Ted Okon, executive director of COA. “At a time when the Trump administration is floating its blueprint to bring down drug prices, they are proposing a move that will actually fuel list prices of chemotherapy and other life-saving drugs. And their scheme to pay a physician the same amount for evaluating a case of sniffles and a complex brain cancer simply defies all logic. It is the antithesis of value-based healthcare and cheapens the medical care seniors are entitled to under Medicare.”

Nicolas Ferreyros
Community Oncology Alliance
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Dr. Srini Pillay, Reveals 5 Counterintuitive Ways to Benefit From Psychotherapy

Dr. Srini Pillay

New research helps explain why unfocus can help you in therapy.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / — Dr. Srini Pillay, best-selling author of TINKER DABBLE DOODLE TRY, aptly reveals five counterintuitive ways of benefitting from psychotherapy.

“Most people request psychotherapy for a reason. Either they are overwhelmed by their own emotions or thoughts, or they have mental roadblocks that they have to navigate,” Pillay shares. “Often, people come in expecting that they will focus on their goals. But much of the value of psychotherapy actually lies in unfocusing.”

Lesson #1: “Goals” are far less obvious than they seem. When we say we have a goal, we may simply be reporting what our brains have already decided. Deeper thought may reveal that this is not what we truly want. The real goal may be obscure, so you may want to question and examine your actual goals from time to time.

Lesson #2: When you are logical, you may succumb to habit pathways in the brain. This will not help you get unstuck. One way to overcome this is to allow your mind to wander. This kind of unfocusing will turn on more “self” representations in the brain. You feel more self-connected. As a result, you will be more likely to find creative solutions to your problems.

Lesson #3: Your brain is a little like a telephone. Sometimes you may be in sync with your therapist; at other times, not. Either way, it’s helpful to look at those feelings in the interaction and not just what comes from you.

Lesson #4: Being practical is not always the best thing. Also, becoming intolerant of ambiguity and uncertainty could rob you of the power of your paradoxes, sterilizing you and removing the motivation that authenticity can bring when you are holding contradictory feelings.

Lesson #5: When therapists are reflective out loud, detailing even minutiae, it may seem that they are off track. They wouldn’t be remembering their story if you had not contributed to it. Called reverie, this could be something to explore instead of reject or ignore.

“In all of these suggestions, unfocus is key. Unfocusing from your goals, releasing the hold of logic, looking outside yourself, and opening your mind to the therapist’s rambling are all things you might want to try out,” Pillay expertly concludes.

Aurora DeRose
Aurora DeRose
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SMi’s Biosimilars & Biobetters Exclusive Interview with expert speaker Dr Michel Mikhail released

Biosimilars & Biobetters 2018

SMi Reports: An exclusive interview with Dr Michel Mikhail, who is chairing Biosimilars & Biobetters event, is now available to download on the event website.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 13, 2018 / — SMi Group recently caught up with expert speaker Dr Michel Mikhail, International Expert in Regulatory Affairs and Global Expert in Biosimilars, in the run up to the 9th annual conference on Biosimilars & Biobetters, taking place 26th – 27th September 2018 in London, UK.

Dr Mikhail has more than 25 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry and a track record
of achievement in R & D and International Regulatory Affairs in large multinational, research-based
pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as in the generic industry. He has been involved in the global development and worldwide regulatory approval of Blockbuster Monoclonal antibodies medicines, as well as shaping the EU Biosimilars Guidelines and their review, the WHO Guidelines, ICH Guidelines and recently the US-FDA Biosimilars Guidelines.

He is a chartered expert in pharmacology-toxicology, a chartered clinical expert, as well as a chartered analytical expert. Dr Mikhail served on the safety working group and efficacy working group of the European Federation of pharmaceutical Industry associations (EFPIA), and as a topic
leader. Dr Mikhail is a member of the expert committee of the Government Federal Institute of Risk Assessment (BfR) Germany and served as a member of the Expert Committee for Toxicology of the
United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Interview Snapshot:

1. What are the key areas for improvement within the industry?

There are not very many biosimilars companies that understand the US market and the correct market entry strategy. Each Market is different, the EU market where Pricing and Reimbursement is within the National competencies and is not regulated on EU level. The US having a two-step approval process: the first one is approval as a Biosimilar and the second step is approval as an interchangeable biosimilar with a one-year exclusivity for the first interchangeable biosimilar. Companies need to better understand the corresponding market and then set and execute tier development and regulatory strategy.

2. What current hot topic will you be addressing in your presentation and what would you say makes it relevant to 2018?

I’ll address the ‘US-FDA interchangeability guidance – what is needed to obtain the interchangeable status for the biosimilar product’. This is a very hot topic in view of the Draft US-FDA Guidance published in January 2017. The audience will hear about the latest FDA regulatory changes towards interchangeability of biosimilars.

• Evaluation of biosimilars in the race to obtaining this status
• First in line: recommendations on how to achieve interchangeability and succeed obtaining 12 months exclusivity as first interchangeable biosimilar.
• Discuss what will need to be done after accomplishing this to increase biosimilar uptake in patients, physicians and prescribers’ groups and non-the less the success and profitability of the Biosimilar developing company.

The full interview is available to download on the event website, where you can also view the latest agenda and speaker line-up. Potential attendees can take advantage of the summer special £200 discount using the voucher code BIOUK200OFF. Please visit the website for more information and to register:

Interested in sponsoring, exhibiting or speaking at this event?
Please contact Alia Malick on +44 (0) 207 827 6168 or e-mail

For media enquiries, contact Simi Sapal on +44 (0) 20 7827 6162 or

Biosimilars and Biobetters
26th – 27th September 2018
Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London, UK

—- END —-

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

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German TV show features mission of Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc., reports Dr. Leslie Norins, CEO

German news show profiles American couple offering $1 million to any scientist who can prove a germ triggers Alzheimer's.

The volume of media inquiries we received attests to the fact that the public is now demanding fresh approaches to AD research be funded.”

— Dr. Leslie Norins

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / — The popular German TV show, Nano, on 3 SAT, which some liken to America’s “60 Minutes”, recently presented as its lead segment an interview with Leslie Norins, MD, PhD, CEO of Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc. (AGQ), and his wife Rainey, Vice President, discussing the possibility that germs might play a role in the causation of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Several months ago, the German show’s producers became interested in fresh thinking about the possible triggers of AD and spotted a news item about the launch of AGQ’s project to help accelerate and deepen research on the likely participation of infectious agents. They sent a film crew to Naples for a detailed interview of the Norins’.

The entourage also went to a local senior center to observe and film how it conducts half-day classes, such as arts and crafts, for Alzheimer’s patients, so as to provide respite for their caregivers. The great impact made by meeting the patients led AGQ to propose the creation of “boot camps” to expose new AD researchers to the cognition deterioration the AD process inflicts on formerly vibrant seniors.

The German film crew remarked on how “open” American families were about a member’s having AD. They said that sometimes in Germany there is a kind of shame associated with the diagnosis, and so it is kept veiled in some cases.

Dr. Norins said that following the show’s broadcast in Germany, numerous emails were received from viewers there. He took this as a sign citizens there were as eager for research progress as those in the U.S.
Dr. Norins believes this show, and numerous other media inquiries he has received attest to the fact that the public is now demanding fresh approaches to AD research be funded, in addition to the older standbys of amyloid plaques and protein tangles.

Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc. is a public benefit corporation headquartered in Naples Florida. Its mission is to accelerate and deepen scientific investigations into the possible role of infectious agents as the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It is the sponsor of the $1 Million Alzheimer’s Germ Quest Challenge Award for scientists. (

Mollie Page
Page Print Communications
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Barkhad Abdi, Amy Smart and Rory Cochrane Join TYSON'S RUN in Lead Roles

Planet 9 Productions’ Family Drama, Feature Film Began Principal Photography in Atlanta This Week

We are thrilled to have these accomplished actors join our cast. Their proven talent will bring additional depth to the storytelling and considerable cast…”

— Kim Bass, TYSON'S RUN Writer-Director

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / — The feature film, Tyson’s Run, has started shooting principal photography in Atlanta, GA this week. Confirmed by Planet 9 Productions, Tyson’s Run is helmed by Emmy Award-nominated and NAACP Image Award-winning Writer-Director Kim Bass.

Barkhad Abdi, Academy Award®, Golden Globe-nominee and BAFTA-winner, for his supporting role in Captain Phillips (2013), joins Tyson’s Run’s elite cast and production team. Mr. Abdi is also known for his performances in Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and Eye in the Sky (2015).

Also joining Tyson’s Run’s cast is award-winner Amy Smart. Ms. Smart will be featured in the upcoming film Adventures of Justice: Farce Wars (2018). She is also known for her performances in The Keeping Hours (2017) and The Single Mom’s Club (2014).

Award-winner Rory Cochrane joins the cast as well. Mr. Cochrane is best known for his role in Argo (2012), as well as his acclaimed performances in Hostiles (2017) and Black Mass (2015).

Mr. Bass stated, “We are thrilled to have these accomplished actors join our cast. Their proven talent will bring additional depth to the storytelling and considerable cast, which includes The Walking Dead’s Major Dodson and award-winner Claudia Zevallos, star of Day of Days (2017) and featured in the upcoming film HeadShop (2018).

Tyson’s Run is about a fifteen-year-old boy, living with autism, who tries to heal the rift between his parents and the emotional distance from his father by pursuing an athletic dream of his own. Mr. Bass, a former staff writer on the sketch comedy series In Living Color and creator of primetime family series Sister, Sister and Kenan & Kel, is producing the feel-good, family drama with Deanna Shapiro, Eric Upshur and Asante White. John Cappetta, head of P9P, will serve as executive producer. Mr. Bass said, “We look forward to bringing this meaningful, heartfelt story to fruition. I’m enthusiastic about the wonderful cast and crew we’ve assembled and eager to work with these phenomenal professionals.”

Planet 9 Productions is an independent motion picture production company that develops and produces demographically-targeted, quality feature films for theatrical release.

For more information, contact:
TRC & Associates. Publicity. Marketing. Public Relations.

Tiffany Cummins

David McDonald

David McDonald
TRC & Associates
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Crux Labs deploys its unique telecom solution for VWO – Diabetes Singapore

DS Jurong Centre

DS Jurong Centre

Overall DS setup layout

Overall DS setup layout

Crux Labs logo

Crux Labs

Crux solution enhances collaboration and provides better access to patients and induces reduction in monthly telecom rental and call charges by over 30 percent

Crux turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product in the market.”

— Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, July 13, 2018 / — Crux Labs, a start-up headquartered in Singapore, announced the successful deployment of their telecom product, Crux LX, at Diabetes Singapore (DS), a non-profit organization affiliated to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). DS now has a common communication platform between its centers, mobile van and remote staff, that improves their reach, provides seamless access and delivers an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

Diabetes is a long-term illness and according to industry estimates, in Singapore, one out of nine people aged 18 to 69 has diabetes. Diabetics are required to make lifestyle changes and continued health monitoring to manage the illness and lead a healthy life, for which DS ties up with hospitals and clinics to help their patients effectively manage diabetes. As a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO), DS lacked distribution capability through a common telephony platform for patients to access its services seamlessly across Singapore. Increasing awareness and demand required DS to expand its outreach, while at the same time reduce their operating costs. The current communication system at various DS centers operated in isolation and did not allow cross-location collaboration. This prevented DS from providing patients a comprehensive view of its offerings across all of their locations. In short, DS needed to scale up their telephony and improve operational efficiency in order to deliver consistent, uninterrupted services in a cost effective, secure and compliant manner.

SMBs like DS require cost-effective collaboration solution that can facilitate easier communication and better connect but does not burden them with a need for an inhouse IT team or create expensive vendor dependencies to manage such a solution. However, unified communication solutions involve either a high cost of acquisition or high monthly rentals with incremental feature cost. Hence, the involved complexity and costs make such solutions unattractive for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).

Crux LX not only simplifies the consumption of this complex technology, without comprising functionality – such that it is as simple as configuring a wireless router, but is also the most cost-effective solution, cheaper than cloud-based PBX service providers.

“I had a very specific need for a telephony system for my organization. The only available solution was Crux LX. It turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product in the market. It has significantly enabled us to increase our distribution reach.”, said Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore. Adding further, he said “With Crux LX solution, the staff just punches in 3-digit numbers to call colleagues across our locations without incurring any call costs. I am also able to stay connected to my office lines even when I am at home in evenings. This has not only enabled better collaboration across our centers but also helped us reduce monthly telecom rental and call charges by over 30%”.

“Even in current digital age, 47 percent of on-premise communication systems sold every year, continue to be based on old analog technology, that lack collaboration features, sold largely to SMB – ie. companies with less than 100 users. We are very happy that we were entrusted with the opportunity to serve Diabetes Singapore. Through this deployment, our product is touching the lives of many in Singapore. It is very satisfying to see DS draw benefits from using our product.”, said Rohit Gupta, Founder, Crux Labs. He added that, “DS is the first VWO that we have worked with to deploy Crux LX. We now understand the challenges and considerations of VWOs much better. We are looking forward to working with more non-profit organizations to help them break out of the lock in with old technology and reduce their expenses.”.

About Crux Labs
Crux Labs is a Singapore-based technology startup focused on building IT products that simplify technology, in an innovative yet cost effective way, using open-source software and hardware. Crux Labs’ first product, Crux LX, is an effective alternative to complex and expensive telephony. This makes it an ideal choice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) globally. In January 2018, Crux LX became one of the 26 successful hardware-based crowd-funded ideas on Kickstarter from Singapore, and one of the very few in B2B segment.

About Diabetes Singapore
Diabetes Singapore’s mission is to raise awareness and to provide education, counselling and support to people with diabetes, their families and the community in order to empower them to lead a healthy and productive life.

Media Relations
+65 6401 3357
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Crux LX – The alternative to complex and expensive telephony

Source: EIN Presswire