The development of the COVID-19 vaccine vs the Polio vaccine

The race to find a COVID-19 vaccine recalls the thirty year search for a successful polio vaccine as chronicled in the memoir, Polio and Me.

Progress on a polio vaccine was held up purely by chance because Dr. Flexner was using the rhesus monkey. Had he tried another species, the chances are we might have had a vaccine that much sooner.”

— Doctor Tom Rivers

HEALDSBURG, CA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / — Hopefully, the race to find a COVID-19 vaccine will not run into the same barriers as chronicled in the memoir, Polio and Me. that added more than thirty years to the development of the successful polio vaccine.

The road blocks to the polio vaccine began when Dr. Simon Flexner, the head of the Rockefeller Institute, made a fundamental error in his attempt to determine how humans contract polio when he feed his rhesus lab monkeys the polio virus. His mistake? He had selected the wrong species of monkey for his experiment and was unable to infect any of them by introducing the virus through their digestive track. Compounding this failure, Flexner stated to the New York Times, March 9, 1911, edition, “We have already discovered how to prevent infantile paralysis. The achievement of a cure, I may conservatively say, is not now far distant.”

Dr. Flexner’s prediction of a polio vaccine turned out to be more than three decades premature.

Throughout the 1930’s, while the dreaded worldwide polio epidemics grew like wildfire, and using what today we would call kitchen chemistry, there were two failed vaccine attempts. The first in New York, by Dr. Maurice Brody, and the second by Dr. Kollmer, in Philadelphia. Both endeavors caused illness, paralysis, or death from polio.

Finally, based on Flexner’s initial thirty-year-old error that the polio virus did not enter humans through their digestive tract, he determined that the only way the virus could infect humans, was to travel along the olfactory nerve to the brain. To prove this theory, trials were run in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Toronto, Canada, to block the olfactory nerve's ability to pass the virus into the brains of ten thousand children and adults. They had their nasal passages sprayed with an alum-picric acid, or a zinc sulfate solution. The bottom line? Those trials did not prevent polio and twenty-five percent of the participants lost their sense of smell, some permanently.

Author Ken Dalton has published the non-fiction memoir, Polio and Me, and seven novels. Born in 1938, Ken grew up in Los Angeles, met the girl of his dreams, married, produced three wonderful children, and moved to Sonoma County in 1966.

Polio and Me is available on Kindle, $9.99, and paperback at book stores, and, $19.95. For a review copy, please contact,

Ken Dalton
Different Drummer Press
+1 707-791-9577
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Announcing BrainTrain’s New TechTools: MemoryXCel and MemoryTrain

Working memory and problem solving PC software helps children and adults enhance attention, working memory, listening comprehension & mental processing speed.

This is user-friendly advanced technology at its best.”

— Lisa Robateau-Epps, CCC-SLP, Brooklyn, NY

RICHMOND, VA, US, October 7, 2020 / — BrainTrain announces the release of two new memory training programs for Windows 10 – MemoryXcel (ages 12 – 99+) and MemoryTrain (ages 6 – 12). Targeting working memory, attention, verbal reasoning, and processing speed, the software provides technology tools for clinicians or educators to use to help clients and students improve their cognitive functioning and learning skills. Research shows that training attention and working memory are essential for the development of executive functioning and cognition. Designed by a neuropsychologist, these new brain training TechTools may be administered by a clinician or educator either in the office or remotely in the person’s home, an important feature when in-office sessions may not be feasible.
In addition to providing progressively more challenging training exercises, the software includes several unique features. First, these brain training systems begin with testing that creates a customized structured training plan based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Since both MemoryXcel and MemoryTrain each contain hundreds of hierarchical exercises, there is enough variety in the tasks to hold the user’s interest for a considerable period of time. Another popular feature of the software is the video game rewards are provided for kids. As children progress through the program, they will be rewarded with entertaining “game breaks” to help motivate them. Additionally, optional BrainPower EEG technology is available that provides supplementary training, encouraging individuals to develop relaxed, positive mental states that facilitate learning and help reduce stress.

About BrainTrain
Founded in 1989 by a neuropsychologist, BrainTrain, Inc., is known worldwide for its award-winning cognitive testing, reading and brain-training software for all ages.

Joseph A. Sandford
BrainTrain, Inc.
+1 800-822-0538
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EZ-Xpo To Host Pennsylvania’s 1st Virtual Primary Care Career Fair

Virtual Booth for Trade Show, Classroom and Job Fair

Virtual Exhibit Hall – Virtual Lobby Session Track

Virtual Booth for Trade Show, Classroom and Job Fair

Virtual Booth for Trade Show, Classroom and Job Fair

Virtual Booth for Trade Show, Classroom and Job Fair

Virtual Auditorium

eZ-Xpo – Virtual Trade Show technology helps us to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic to continue our mission to support access to primary care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay.”

— Ama Dekyi, Recruitment Coordinator for the Career Center

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / — eZ-Xpo, the global leader in All-in-1 Virtual Collaborative Network, today announced eZ-Xpo is powering the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center’s Virtual Medical and Dental Career Fair, Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020.

eZ-Xpo will empower community health centers from around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to connect with physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and other primary care providers in a Virtual Exhibit Hall with Virtual Booth with live chat (both video and text in private or group) and live and on-demand presentation from Virtual Auditorium. Attendees will have an opportunity to engage with live video chat with every exhibitor in the Virtual Booth.

“We are excited to partner with eZ-Xpo to launch the first Virtual Expo and Conference. The eZ-Xpo – Virtual Trade Show technology helps us to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic to continue our mission to support access to primary care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay, ” says Ama Dekyi, Recruitment Coordinator for the Career Center

“Despite COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to partner with the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center to host its first virtual career fair and bring all health care professionals together virtually in a safe environment,” says Matt Fok, CEO of eZ-XPO.
Here is a shortlist of sponsors participating in this 1st Virtual Expo and Conference:

• Primary Health Network, Sharon PA
• Keystone Health Center, Chambersburg PA
• Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Philadelphia PA
• Hyndman Health Center, Hyndman PA
• Cornerstone Care Inc., Greensboro PA
• The Wright Center, Scranton PA

About The Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center

The Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center works with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), FQHC Look-Alikes, Rural Health Clinics, Critical Access Hospitals, and other primary care centers to find highly skilled, highly motivated health care professionals thus expanding access to affordable health care for all.
Get more information at

About eZ-Xpo
eZ-Xpo is a global leader in Virtual Collaborative Network empowering businesses to connect, collaborate, and promote through networks of virtual expo marketplaces for lead generation. eZ-Xpo reinvents the trade show and lead generation industry with a revolutionary new approach to virtual events, virtual trade shows, private business networking marketplace. eZ-Xpo delivers the world's 1st all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace that seamlessly integrates with built-in marketing automation to follow up with every prospective customer during and after the event.

eZ-Xpo has been operating in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, for over five years. eZ-Xpo has deployed the world’s all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace, results-oriented virtual collaborative marketing solutions for different industries and industry leaders such as Wells Fargo, New York Life, MetaStock, Boeing, and Raytheon.

For more information on eZ-Xpo, please visit

Contact Information

Matt Fok
Founder and CEO

Phone: 1-888-718-5333

Matt Fok
eZ-Xpo – Virtual Event Made Easy
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How to JumpStart Your Business During COVID-19

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FREE ADHD Test App for K-12 Schools from BrainTrain

Over a million US students with ADHD never get the help they need.

RICHMOND, VA, US, October 7, 2020 / — During October, which is ADHD Awareness Month, BrainTrain will provide to all K-12 school professionals our ADHD screening test, the IVA-QS, for FREE. School psychologists, principals, counselors and special educators simply have to request BrainTrain’s Premium version of the IVA-QS before Oct. 31st. This ADHD screening test takes only 10 minutes to administer and provides detailed reports and analyses for school professionals to review. An unlimited number of students can be screened for free during the three month license provided. The test can be administered remotely in the home setting or in school using either a Windows PC, iPad or web browser. The IVA-QS requires that it be interpreted and administered under the supervision of a qualified school professional. The IVA-QS test administration, scoring and comprehensive report system is fully computerized which makes it easy to learn and use. Free trials are available for evaluation without any commitment required and there is nothing to return.

BrainTrain is making it possible for schools during ADHD Awareness Month to help them identify the over one million students with attention deficits who never received the help that they need to succeed. The research has clearly demonstrated that once individuals with ADHD are provided appropriate interventions and treatment that they can then “turn their lives around.” This test also includes free ADHD rating scales that are integrated into its reports. The clinical diagnosis of ADHD requires that a comprehensive evaluation be completed by a qualified health care professional. The IVA-QS and its ADHD rating scales simply serve as a screening instrument that can be helpful as a first step in identifying potential visual and auditory attention and cognitive impairments which would then need to be further evaluated.

Parents who are concerned about the challenges their children face in school are encouraged to contact their school teachers and administrators and inform them of this opportunity to screen students for ADHD symptoms. Education professionals can then provide helpful interventions. Research has clearly shown that treatment, academic accommodations and appropriate medical interventions can make a major impact in improving the lives of children who struggle to pay attention.

For more information about BrainTrain’s IVA-QS software, parents and educators can visit the BrainTrain website at, email, or call BrainTrain directly at 800-822-0538 and speak with our friendly staff.
About BrainTrain: BrainTrain, Inc. has been creating neuropsychological testing and training software since 1989, when neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, author and developer of numerous programs, first released the Captain’s Log: Cognitive Training Program. This original software helped form the foundation for many products to come, assisting people in developing their mental acuity and helping professionals improve the quality of their client’s lives.

Joseph A. Sandford
BrainTrain, Inc.
+1 804-320-0105
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MBio Receives Two Awards for Test Menu Expansion and Approval of HAB Toxin System

MBio Diagnostics logo

MBio Diagnostics logo

LightDeck Mini Tests for Toxins from Harmful Algae Bloom On-The-Spot

Expanded testing for toxins generated by harmful algal blooms in freshwater and shellfish to improve the safety of the nation’s water and food supply

BOULDER, COLORADO, USA, October 7, 2020 / — MBio Diagnostics today announced receipt of two three-year NOAA/NCCOS PCMHAB awards for test menu expansion of its HAB Toxin System. One award is to expand the menu of freshwater toxins, and the second is to facilitate regulatory approval of a triplex test to measure HAB toxins in shellfish. The combined award amount is over $1.8M for both projects over three years.

Freshwater cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (CHABs) contribute to more than $2 billion in annual US economic losses. Routine testing for CHABs protects against contaminated drinking water and recreational water for the safety of humans and animals. Currently, MBio’s HAB Toxin System can detect two types of cyanotoxins, microcystins and cylindrospermopsins. The first award will expand the panel to test for the four most commonly found HAB toxins by adding detection of saxitoxins and anatoxin-a. This test will be the first of its kind to detect all four major toxin classes that are typically generated by HABs in freshwater and the first portable test for detecting saxitoxins in freshwater.

The second award is to facilitate a single laboratory validation study of a triplex shellfish test that will be submitted to the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) for consideration as an approved method for toxin testing in shellfish. The ISSC works together with the US FDA to ensure the safety of the nations’ shellfish supply. Shellfish are filter feeders and can accumulate high concentrations of toxins generated by HABs, which necessitates testing for these HABs prior to harvesting. A simple, low-cost method of detecting the toxins that cause forms of shellfish poisoning in a single sample will reduce the testing burden on the aquaculture industry while improving the safety of the nation’s food supply.

Both awards show how MBio’s LightDeck® platform can reduce cost and save time with portable, multiplexed tests. “Under these two PCMHAB awards, the MBio HAB Toxin System will be uniquely positioned to detect HAB toxins. The 4-plex panel detecting all major freshwater toxins will be the first of its kind and will improve public safety by making it easier for water resource managers to test for more toxins rapidly. The triplex shellfish test for all 3 major classes of toxins found in saltwater and shellfish and will ease the regulatory burden on shellfish aquaculture by simplifying testing” says Sarah Bickman, Product Manager at MBio; “Our collaborators on these two awards make these projects unique by providing expertise, advice, and testing.”

“I am very excited that we will be able to use Lake Erie as a test bed for the expanded MBio toxin panel. As CHABs continue become more prominent in freshwater systems globally, it is critical that we have a rapid method to detect and quantify CHAB toxins so that water resource managers can make informed, timely decisions that will help protect human health during these events” says Timothy Davis, the Patrick L. & Debra (Scheetz) Ryan Endowed Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Bowling Green State University.

About MBio Diagnostics
MBio Diagnostics believes in a new approach to healthcare, where quick and accurate diagnostic tests will be run wherever and whenever they are needed, without compromise. The company’s proprietary LightDeck® platform combines an advanced laser waveguide with novel materials and patented manufacturing techniques to deliver lab-quality results anywhere, in minutes. The LightDeck platform is achieving success in veterinary diagnostics and for environmental testing. MBio is also introducing a portfolio of in vitro diagnostic panels, with the first being an on-the-spot test for COVID-19. Learn more at

Funding from the Prevention, Control, and Mitigation (PCMHAB) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The views, opinions and/or findings expressed are those of the author and should not be interpreted as representing the official views or policies of the PCMHAB or NOAA.

Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited.

MBio Diagnostics
+1 267-496-6391
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Homeless Not Toothless Founder, Dr. Jay Grossman, Set To Host Veteran's Event With UCLA Dental Sudents In Brentwood

Dr. Jay Grossman

Dr. Jay Grossman and Associates

Conierge Dentistry

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, October 7, 2020 / — This year has uncovered many health care flaws in our system. Despite harsh times, however, there are several professionals giving back to communities in need amid the pandemic. To help aid those in need, Professor at UCLA College of Dentistry and Professor at NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Jay Grossman, will be celebrating a "Homeless Not Toothless" event in Brentwood, CA.

This Saturday, October 10, twenty UCLA students under the supervision of Prof Dr. Jay Grossman, a UCLA faculty dentist, will be providing dental care to homeless veterans and the underserved at no cost. As part of Dr. Jay Grossman's program, "Homeless Not Toothless", the students will be helping out these veterans that lack benefits and are in severe financial need.

Homeless Not Toothless (HNT) is a 501C(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing free and quality dental care to Veterans, the homeless, foster youth, and low-income persons in Los Angeles. HNT has provided more than $5 million in services with dozens of dental offices in the greater Los Angeles area contributing.

The Best of Los Angeles Award Winning Dentist- “Best Dentist – 2020” states, "I will be celebrating 10,000 days (over 28 yrs) of providing pro-bono dental services to veterans without benefits and the poor. I will be supervising UCLA dentists who are volunteering to help this needy population get the dental care they need."

After serving in the Navy during the Persian Gulf war, Dr. Grossman a former Lieutenant in the US Navy is helping those veterans get the dental care they need and deserve with the help of over 1000 volunteer dentists, assistants, and hygienists.

HNT has provided our 60,000 people pro-bono dental care since 1992 with dental services. HNT is grateful for the hundreds of foundations, private donors, and companies that have been essential to the survival of HNT.

The event will take place from 10 am – 2 pm, at 11980 San Vicente Blv Suite 507 Brentwood

Dr. Jay Grossman ( has a concierge dental practice in Brentwood, CA since 1991 with several specialists offering "continuity of care", all specialties under one roof. He is a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry as well as a former Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps. He is a current Professor at UCLA College of Dentistry, Professor at NYU College of Dentistry and a former Professor at Western University College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Grossman is a speaker on the national stage, and the founder of Homeless Not Toothless, an organization that has donated over $5 – Million in free dental care to over 60,000 homeless Veterans and foster children.

Dr. Jay Grossman and his Concierge Dentistry team’s goal has always been simple, to deliver the finest dental care available. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, they provide modern imaging capabilities that allow their patients to clearly see the reasons for procedures and the intended results. They recognize that patients are individuals with different goals and needs, and they strive to provide a soothing and educational environment where extraordinary results are realized.
Concierge Dentistry
11980 San Vicente Blvd #507
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 820-0123
Homeless Not Toothless

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+1 951-870-0099
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JSI Awarded Global $100 Million STOP Spillover Initiative to Prevent Emerging Zoonotic Diseases

STOP Spillover will examine the spread of viruses from animals to humans

STOP Spillover will examine the spread of viruses from animals to humans

JSI logo

JSI logo

STOP Spillover to enhance capacity of institutions across Africa & Asia to understand factors that contribute to risk of disease spread from animals to humans

We are pleased to work with the Tufts consortium to examine some of the zoonotic causes of a range of infectious diseases – like COVID-19 – and support the U.S. Global Health Security strategy.”

— Carolyn Hart, JSI vice president for international programs

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / — JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. has been awarded a new program that will anticipate and mitigate threats posed by emerging zoonotic diseases. As a member of the consortium leading the Strategies to Prevent Spillover (STOP Spillover) Initiative, the new cooperative agreement from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will engage global experts on emerging infectious diseases and health information systems to identify and stop potential “spillover” of zoonotic diseases to humans.

The USAID STOP Spillover program is an opportunity to enhance global understanding of the complex causes of the spread of viruses from animals to humans and to augment sustainable national capacities in surveillance, risk analysis, and behavior change. The program’s vision is for priority countries across Africa and Asia to gain critical knowledge about their spillover ecosystems, and to refine and use that knowledge to reduce the risk of zoonotic viral spillover and spread.

Tufts University leads the five-year, $100 million project in collaboration with JSI and Tetra Tech and a wide consortium of wildlife and human-disease experts. JSI brings expertise in health information systems strengthening, digital health, social behavior change, operational support, and monitoring and evaluation.

USAID notes that STOP Spillover will play a significant role in the implementation of the U.S. Government's Global Health Security Strategy, including support for the Global Health Security Agenda.

The STOP Spillover consortium convenes a cross-disciplinary team of some of the world’s most renown wildlife and human-disease experts, including the Africa One Health University Network; the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University; Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team; the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh; Internews Network; South East Asia One Health University Network; the University of California at Los Angeles; the University of Glasgow; the University of Nebraska Medical Center; and the University of Washington.

It is estimated that more than 60 percent of emerging infectious diseases are passed from animals to humans. Zoonoses can be caused by a range of disease pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The CDC notes that zoonotic diseases are very common in the United States and around the world.

Penelope Riseborough
John Snow, Inc. (JSI)
+1 617-482-9485
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Dr. Kevin Dalby Discusses Steps Needed for the COVID-19 Vaccine to Get Approval

Professor at the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Kevin Dalby comments on the steps required before a potential vaccine against COVID-19 can be approved.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, October 7, 2020 / — Utilizing vaccination as a method to prevent the spread of infectious viruses has been popular for decades. Many labs worldwide are in an arms race to determine who can successfully create a vaccine for COVID-19. If successful, a vaccine for the virus will stimulate the human body’s immune system to safely and effectively generate antibodies to protect itself from the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Kevin Dalby has been leading in a research program in response to the coronavirus pandemic for several months. A professor of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry at the University of Texas in Austin, Dr. Dalby has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Grants from both support the research in his laboratory. Here he shares the steps laboratories must walk through before a COVID-19 vaccine can be readily available to the public.

Vaccines traditionally begin their development cycles with a pre-clinical testing phase. This stage involves infecting test animal subjects with the virus. Research is then conducted to study immune responses to understand what is crucial for protection. In severe or rapidly spreading cases such as a pandemic, this stage is optional. With the COVID-19’s global presence, some laboratories work through this stage while others fast-tracked to test human subjects.

The next step is Phase 1 trials. This phase entails testing the vaccine in a small group of individuals to identify a safe dose that can repeatedly stimulate the immune system. Scientists aren’t sure yet if the immune response generated will protect the body from the virus during this testing phase.

Phase 2 trials increase the number of test recipients from a small group to hundreds or potentially thousands of individuals. Phase 2 aims to sustain the focus of the vaccine's safety and repeated immune response in individuals. Scientists want to ensure the vaccine is safe and can create a consistent response in all participants’ immune systems.

In Phase 3 trials, the testing population increases to tens of thousands. This phase also introduces a placebo concept to compare the number of sick people in each group. By comparing a placebo group and a vaccinated group, scientists can begin identifying if the vaccine will protect people from the virus in a real-world setting.

While some laboratories have combined phases or have been granted approvals to expedite studies, all researchers will ultimately have to pass through the culmination of phases successfully before a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus can be approved to introduce to the public.

About Dr. Kevin Dalby
Dr. Kevin Dalby is a chemical biology professor and medicinal chemistry professor currently working on cancer drug discovery. At the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas, he examines the mechanisms of nature and cancer to develop new treatments and teach and motivate students to conduct research. Professor Kevin Dalby is optimistic about the future of cancer treatments.

Dr. Kevin Dalby
The University of Texas at Austin
+1 512-471-9267
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Bren Simon: No One In Need of Healthcare Should Ever Be Turned Away

Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation Logo

Continuing a legacy of respect, kindness, and compassion

The mission of The Melvin and Bren Simon Foundation is to empower others, and to make positive indelible differences on the lives of others, with each gift.

Healthcare is a basic human right, not to just those who can afford it.”

— Bren Simon

CARBONDALE, CO, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / — The following is adapted from a previous posting from Bren Simon regarding the availability and accessibility of essential healthcare services. Please visit for more information.

It’s a bold statement but an important one. Healthcare is a basic human right, not to just those who can afford it.

St. Vincent Health, a mission-driven alliance of healthcare providers in Indiana, raises funds through its foundation to provide top-of-the-line patient care to those who cannot afford it on their own. Over the past several years, I have supported the foundation’s lifesaving mission and am honored to be recognized by St. Vincent for the Lifetime Achievement, among others.

The foundation supports a wide range of hospital-related initiatives, focused around helping those in need. Almost all of their proceeds go to helping those in our community that need it the most.

I truly feel it is crucial to look outside own needs to better the lives of others, and few foundations embody my own beliefs in the ways that the St. Vincent Foundation does. Mel and I have always held St. Vincent’s work close to our hearts through our many years together, as it provides support for families close to our own home.

For more about programs like St. Vincent Health supported by the Melvin & Bren Simon Foundation please visit:

Dan Rene
+1 202-329-8357
email us here

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With Mental Health Worries Amid COVID, Cigna Partners with Girls With Impact

With mental health ranking 3rd among GenZ's worries, Cigna partners to train 2,000 girls, advancing social and emotional health with live, online education.

BLOOMFIELD, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2020 / — Girls With Impact receives CIGNA funding to help prepare tomorrow's female business leaders.

Live, online entrepreneurship academy advances social and emotional health during COVID-19 pandemic.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact teen mental health and social connections, Cigna (NYSE:CI) is providing financial support to Girls With Impact, the nation’s only live, online entrepreneurship program for young women.

Studies show that students have experienced higher depression and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an overwhelming majority — 81% — saying they were experiencing increased stress. Yet the vast majority of parents – 85% — are seeking full or partial online learning.

Even prior to the pandemic, GenZ placed mental health third among their top worries, with young women experiencing greater concern over their state of mind, according to the report, What’s Inside the Minds of GenZ?

"Girls With Impact helped me keep a schedule of something to do during quarantine," said graduate Victoria Navarrete, 17.

"Girls With Impact is playing an instrumental role in advancing the social and emotional health of girls while preparing them for future success," said Hollie Ward, managing director for leadership development at Cigna. "We are pleased to support their programs, which help girls become future business leaders and entrepreneurs who will help build healthy and vital communities."

Girls With Impact operates a unique, live, online, instructor-led business academy. Students are guided by their business coach over 10 weeks, moving from venture idea to business plan and pitch. Graduates have developed ventures to address teen depression, suicide, and Alzheimer’s.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the nonprofit trained 2,500 girls from across the country through its signature Entrepreneurship Academy and workforce readiness workshops.

"The program helped me get my idea launched," said student Neha Shukla, 15, who developed SixFeetApart, a wearable sensor device to keep people safe from the COVID virus. "The network, support and collaboration with other girls has been so helpful."

Cigna’s contribution will support Girls With Impact’s 2020-21 goal to serve 2,000 low to moderate income girls. The organization has made diversity a core pillar since inception with over 60% girls of color.

"Whether girls are facing crises on the home front or the typical challenges of building a business, we’re playing a pivotal role in their development," said CEO Jennifer Openshaw.

Cigna will also be making Girls With Impact’s Entrepreneurship Academy and Future Skills Workshops available to Cigna employees at a discount – providing a convenient solution for working parents who are seeking a proven remote learning opportunity for their daughters.

The program drives college prep and workforce readiness outcomes in areas that have long been barriers to women’s success. For example:

85% of graduates report improved confidence
50% feel better collaborating with people online
93% feel more college ready

Programs are offered year-round, each quarter. To learn more, go to

# # #

Full release here:

About Girls With Impact
Girls With Impact, a 501c3, is the nation’s only live, online mini-MBA for teen girls, offered year-round. The live, online after-school Business and Innovation Academy moves girls from ideation to a business plan and venture pitch, driving improvements in confidence, leadership, college readiness and professional skills for success. The organization started in 2017 when the World Economic Forum, in Davos, brought attention to the need to increase the number of women in leadership. Girls With Impact partners with corporations and foundations who make our work possible.

Serena Norr

Serena Norr
Girls With Impact
+1 347-633-0894
email us here
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