Inverness Apothecary Trinity (a Vital RX company) goes the extra mile to ensure that “No Patient is Left Behind”

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 Inverness Apothecary Trinity, Chris Simpson PharmD, CEO and Founder

Chris Simpson PharmD, CEO and Founder, Inverness Apothecary Trinity

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In an interview with CEOCFO, IAT/Vital RX CEO and Founder Chris Simpson PharmD and CCO Monique Buxton, discusses their high-touch pharmacy licensed in 50 states

We have a high-touch specialty pharmacy, but at IAT/Vital Rx, we take it one step further.”

— Chris Simpson PharmD

TRINITY, ALABAMA, US, November 23, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Chris Simpson PharmD, CEO and Founder, and Monique Buxton, Chief Compliance Officer of Trinity, Alabama based specialty pharmacy, Inverness Apothecary Trinity (IAT) (a Vital RX company). “We have a high-touch specialty pharmacy, but at IAT/Vital Rx, we take it one step further. We have a “No patient left behind” policy. If we cannot fill a patient’s prescription, we STILL work the referral to completion before triaging out so as to ensure that the patient begins therapy as quickly as possible. We deal with the patient, the insurance plan, the prior authorization, we talk to the doctor, and we begin patient assistance,” said Mr. Simpson, sharing his thoughts on what sets them apart from other pharmacies.


Asked by CEOCFO Magazine’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse what they need to know to provide a specialty service, Mr. Simpson responded, “Within our pharmacy, we deal with a high-touch, or a patient centered group of patients. These patients usually have chronic diseases such as HIV, Hemophilia, Hepatitis and even cancer, just to name a few. Therefore, they require more one-on-one time for these medications. These are patients that depend on these special medications in order to live and to have a better quality of life. Since the patient population for these drugs are so rare, many of these medications are not commonplace to the average neighborhood pharmacy. So, sometimes a regular clinical pharmacist is not familiar with the drug/drugs needed by a patient with complex medications.”

In the interview Mr. Simpson explained how they work directly with patients, "We strive to close and fill-in gaps where we can. That can range anywhere from counseling an overwhelmed patient recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition to providing instructions on how to take medications properly. We offer specialized services that are easy to use and generate positive health outcomes for patients. We collaborate with our patients and their physicians on making a difference by focusing on Connection, Contact, Coordination and Convenience.”

Mr. Simpson, giving his thoughts on the founding of IAT said, “Our first pharmacy was founded in 2013. After selling another company, I decided to start out again, but this time as CEO instead of a point 2% owner. So, I moved out into the middle of Alabama and opened up a pharmacy. I spent the next 2 ½ to 3 years becoming licensed in 50 states and becoming dual accredited with URAC and ACHC.”

Sharing what they look for in their people, Ms. Buxton tells Lynn, “We work with a great team of individuals across the board. Not only at our Inverness location, but at all of our locations. Everyone is very passionate and dedicated to providing great patient care. You do not always find that in today’s climate. Our staff actually build relationships with their patients. They know their families, their doctors and their tendencies and things of that nature, and that is really important.”

Asked if Inverness Apothecary Trinity is an important company, Mr. Simpson explained, “Everyone would agree that there is a need for a specialty pharmacy, but when you look at the data in comparison to other specialty pharmacies, you will see that we are able to fill prescriptions with a 1.7-day turnaround time. That is half the national average. When you know that it will take a normal pharmacy for these types of specialty medications up to 5 days to fill a prescription and we can have it done in 1.7 days, that is pretty good! We were recognized as being in the top 10 overall Leaders in Performance Measurement by URAC, so our medication adherence proportional to our days covered was greater than 94%. Compared to the national average, that is around 80%. According to our mail-out patient surveys for Inverness Apothecary Trinity, with a return rate of 50%. We have an overall patient satisfaction of 97.7%.”

Ms. Buxton continued, “When you asked, ‘Why choose Inverness Apothecary Trinity?’ I think I would say, ‘Why not chose Inverness Apothecary Trinity?’ As Chick- Fil-A is to the restaurant industry and Publix is to the grocery industry, we look forward to the day that Inverness Apothecary Trinity/Vital Rx will be held in the same regard in the Specialty Pharmacy industry. When you think of a Specialty pharmacy, you will automatically think of Inverness Apothecary Trinity/Vital Rx due to our great customer service and our patient care.”

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