Flatbit Studio launches a revolutionary comfortable mask for asthmatics patients

JAPAN, November 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FlatbitStudio Inc. is well known for the "GH05T" (Ghost) 3D face mask, which was a worldwide hit last year. They've developed AN+i(protection masks), a brand-new, comfortable, and fashionable mask that's perfect for asthma sufferers. It is made of a flexible resin that is completely breathable.

FlatbitStudio Inc. is Japanese company of Yasumasa Obata who is a renowned designer who is asthmatic and therefore understand the woes of such people needing to wear a mask all the time. He came up with an innovative and fresh idea of making masks from flexible resin as this medical-grade quality is completely safe to wear.

There are several attributes associated with this AN+i(protection masks) and these include a unique nose fin and 3D form that aids into decreasing the skin contact and this in turn makes it easy to breathe. It comes with a buckle and belt adjustment too that ensures better fitting. As this is a non filtering mask, it helps in blocking the air intake and exhaust from the front surface. Overall, a lot of care has been taken to make sure that this mask serves the need of keeping the virus at bay and at the same time, is easy and convenient for those suffering from asthma as well.

Yasumasa Obata said, “I am aware of the fact that people with asthma have a hard time dealing with the issue of wearing masks and so we wanted to do something that could help them out and thus came up with the concept of these masks and we are sure that it has been of help and is likely to be a massive hit as well.”

It comes in two exciting colors and apart from being very useful and easy to wear, it is high on the style quotient too and comes across as a wonderful fashion accessory. The company is hopeful that there are going to be a lot of takers for this design of mask as it is unique, useful, comfortable, stylish, and affordable at the same time. With the right design and the perfect style, one is sure to find it grab-worthy.

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About Flatbit Studio

FlatbitStudio Inc. was founded in 2011 and has been making some of the very best innovative products like UI/UX, smartphone apps, websites, smartwatches, designing and construction of IoT electronic devices. The mask for asthmatic patients is one of their latest products that has taken everyone by storm. Following last year's successful launch of "GH05T" (Ghost), the transparent 3D etiquette face mask that has grown in popularity especially in Asia, and has been used in various scenes including entertainment such as the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, the mask is the second product to be launched under the company's official face mask brand "NeU:P01Y" (No-i-po-li).

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Source: EIN Presswire