Here's what Home Care Agencies are doing to survive during the Covid-19 Pandemic and sudden shortage of HHA's

AIDECAST Home Health Care Job Board

AIDECAST Home Health Care Job Board

The Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination mandates have forced many home care agencies to go out of business, but others are thriving thanks to a secret tool.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2021 / — 2020 and 2021 have been scary years, to say the least, for most home care agencies struggling to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and recent mandates for Home Care Professionals to be vaccinated against covid-19. Many home care agencies were forced to close their doors due to not being able to retain their clients and their employees after many HHA's decided to stay home, social distance and collect unemployment benefits. Now that the extra benefits offered to those unemployed have ended, slowly but surely, Home Health Aides are getting back to work. But not all aides are returning to their previous agencies. Aides have more options than ever when it comes to working for a home care agency, and connecting with aides have become more of challenge than ever. Who knows what's to come for 2022.

As many home care agencies struggle to survive, other home care agencies are seeing huge opportunities to grow their client census thanks to the increase in demand for home care services in their cities, but continue to fall short in their ability to staff and stabilize care services for their new clients. The shift in demand for Certified Home Health Aides has left recruiters at home care agencies scratching their heads as to where and how to connect with home health aides available to work.

AIDECAST, a leading Home Care job board and mobile app for On-Demand Home Care Professionals, is helping bridge the gap between clients and HHA's. A recent study found most HHA's no longer want to commute outside of their cities to care for patients because of Covid-19. The study also showed that home care agencies that were able to recruit aides that reside in the same cities, towns or neighborhoods as their clients were able to staff and stabilize cases at a rate of 75% faster than agencies trying to convince aides to commute close to or more than an hour each way to and from a clients home. This is what is considered patching the case. Temporarily assigning an aide that is known not to commit to the assignment while buying time in hopes that another aide will become available, often resulting in clients going without home care services for days, if not weeks, at a time, increased hospitalizations, and/or clients being shuffled around agencies.

Today most home care agencies can reach out to the Managed Long Term Care providers they are in network with to acquire new clients, as many clients are in need of home care services these days and Case Managers will gladly offer those clients to any agency willing to help with staffing, but do not make the mistake of accepting new clients unless there are resources (HHA's) available to service new clients or risk being blacklisted from receiving new client referrals.

Home Care agencies looking to connect with and hire Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses available to work immediately should consider registering with AIDECAST to post home care jobs and broadcast available assignments to local home care professionals. Posting jobs on the job board is very affordable. Through the AIDECAST Mobile App, agencies can engage with On-Demand home care professionals looking for assignments for supplemental income.

In addition, job seekers on AIDECAST can be identified by location, language, skills and availability; helping agencies find the right aides for their clients. AIDECAST has been a secret tool for several home care agencies that needed to connect with HHA's quickly to enhance the home care experience for their clients and now all home care agencies can benefit from the AIDECAST, the Job Board for Home Health Care Professionals.

Families looking to hire caregivers, housekeepers, grocery shoppers, dog walkers, and visiting nurses can also benefit greatly from the AIDECAST Mobile App to hire On-Demand professionals.

AIDECAST was created and remains operated by a team of Home Care professionals and nurses with over 35 years of combined experience developing and enhancing home care experience for thousands of elderly and they continue to help home care agencies meet the needs of their clients.

If your home care agency needs home health aides to service clients, post your jobs on the AIDECAST job board today to see results.

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