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The mission-driven brand created to save the elephants is celebrating their favorite tuskers AND you with a body care bundle giveaway!

LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 / — September 22 is National Elephant Appreciation Day and Dr.Tusk, the personal care brand developed to raise awareness and contribute profits to elephant rescue organizations, wants to know why its customers love elephants, too! Hailed as some of the most majestic creatures on planet earth, these gentle giants are known to possess social skills and complex feelings like empathy.

Since elephants have the capacity to care for others, it’s the perfect time to share our adoration for them (even if they don’t have Instagrams to see how much). To honor these mammals, Dr.Tusk wants everyone to post their favorite photo, fact or story about elephants and why they love them on Instagram the hashtag #DrTuskElephants and @Dr.Tusk anytime on Sept. 22. The brand will select several winners at random to win a FREE bundle of Dr.Tusk’s lavish, plant-based body care that’s good for you, the environment and, most importantly, the elephants!

Why Dr.Tusk loves the elephants
What’s not to love? Did you know these incredible Asian and African mammals live up to 70 years and have the capacity to create intricate family bonds, just like humans? Elephants from both continents live in herds made of sisters, daughters and their young, all run by a female matriarch. Their tusks, which male Asian elephants and both male and female African elephants have, are highly sensitive to touch and dexterous – allowing these beautiful herbivores to pick up tiny blades of grass and twigs as if they had fingers.

Elephants are extremely playful and soulful. One of their favorite pastimes is bathing – splashing and frolicking in cool water, which is why the elephant preserves Dr.Tusk supports makes lush vegetation and bathing rituals a priority for tuskers’ speedy recoveries, often rescued from lives in captivity.

Devastatingly, wild elephants that are not chained up for entertainment purposes are extremely common targets in illegal hunting. In Africa alone, poachers kill approximately 100 elephants per day for their ivory, meat, bones and skin – breaking apart parents, children and families.

That’s why Dr.Tusk prioritizes non-profits like Wildlife SOS and The Elephant Sanctuary that are completely dedicated to preserving and healing these creatures. The body care company founders donate 5% of all purchases – not just on Elephant Appreciation Day, but all the time – to these incredible organizations.

You can support the elephants by buying Dr.Tusk’s nourishing personal care, from cedarwood-caffeine natural deodorant to lavender sage lotions and exfoliating body bars, all available online and at Whole Foods nationwide. Want to do more? You can also donate directly to the sanctuaries on Dr.Tusk’s website. The elephants will appreciate you – and we will too.

To learn more about Dr.Tusk and how you can help the elephants, too, visit their website,, and their Instagram and Facebook.


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