Raffa Financial Services, Inc. Builds COVID Assessment App to Help Local Non-profit Reopen

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Financial Services agency creates virtual assessment program for public charter school system

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES , December 3, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Raffa Financial built a COVID Assessment App for Friendship Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C., allowing them to open schools to their 800 teachers, faculty, and staff and 4,500 students. This app keeps the safety of staff and students in mind.

To open for business, schools (and businesses) need to perform temperature and symptom checks of their employees and keep either paper or virtual records of those assessments. Friendship Public Charter Schools approached Raffa Financial with an issue—paper records are inefficient, as they employ 800 individuals. They wanted to use a virtual COVID assessment program; however, most assessment programs already on the market had a hefty price tag. Raffa Financial had a solution: My COVID Assessment, an app that can be accessed via a computer or cell phone. This app has been in the works since August.

“Many companies are finding unique ways to help others in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic and this is a contribution that RFSI can make to the overall effort to return to normalcy,” says Steve Heger, President of Raffa Financial Services.

Faculty and staff coming to a Friendship location are asked to visit MyCovidAssessment.com to complete a daily assessment, consisting of eight questions to determine their COVID risk. If the user answers any questions in a way that deems them to be a risk, they are not cleared to enter and are given guidance on what steps they should take next based on their identified risk. If the user has no risk, they are cleared to enter.

Risk is identified via a status badge shown to people monitoring facility entrances. The user can access the status badge via the app or print out their badge to show to the entrance monitors (who will also check their temperature). Administrators at the facility can see data on the number of high-risk or no-risk people and more specific information such as the particular assessment responses—if the user affirms a HIPAA release in the app.

“This is the first app of this scale Raffa Financial has built, however, it’s not the first time a client of ours has identified an internal issue that we ultimately solved with a custom tool we developed for them,” explains Josh Payette, the developer of the app who works in IT and development at Raffa Financial. “Even though there are other apps similar to My COVID Assessment on the market, the price tag is the main differentiator.”

“My COVID Assessment will be free for all of our clients,” said Heger. “Based on how the rollout of this app goes with Friendship Public Charter Schools, we hope to expand this to our other clients throughout the fall.”

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