ERBE USA and PSS UROLOGY Announce Partnership for Bipolar Plasma Resection

ERBE VIO 3 – Industry Leading Energy Technology

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PSS Urology Powered by ERBE! The Erbe VIO 3 offers advanced technology to take full advantage of the clinical strengths of PSS Urology Bipolar Electrodes.

This (PSSU Electrodes with ERBE VIO 3) is the most significant advancement in Bipolar Resection since the Gyrus PK/SP Generator!”

— Traves Brady, CEO, PSS Urology – from a user

SPOKANE VALLEY, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2020 / — Erbe USA and PSS UROLOGY Announce Partnership for Bipolar Plasma Resection

Erbe USA recently introduced the VIO® 3 workstation with industry leading energy technology and advanced Bipolar Plasma Resection capability. State-of-the-art microprocessors measure more than 25,000,000 times per second to provide reliable, reproducible and homogenous tissue effects.

PSS UROLOGY offers Quick-Fire™ Bipolar Electrodes with advanced technology and unique brand neutrality, compatible with all popular resectoscopes at a tremendous value. PSS Urology recently released their Gen II Bipolar Electrodes, engineered to take full advantage of the Erbe VIO® 3 to provide a new level of care in bipolar plasma resection.

Erbe USA and PSS UROLOGY are using their complementary technology to dominate the Bipolar Plasma Resection market. Urologists describe the combination as “the best bipolar resection experience they’ve ever had.” Together Erbe and PSS Urology offer superior technology and proven clinical performance with the unique ability to service any hospital or surgery center, regardless of current Urology manufacturer.

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PSSU Quick-Fire™ Bipolar Electrodes for Urology were first launched by PSS Urology in 2016, offering enhanced technology and brand neutral compatibility with Olympus, Karl Storz and Richard Wolf bipolar resectoscope systems. With an outstanding track record of excellent clinical outcomes and tremendous value, PSS Urology is enjoying rapid adoption in hospitals and surgery centers all over the country. PSS Urology is also gaining significant traction with group purchasing organizations who report tremendous savings and performance vs. competitors.

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ERBE VIO 3 with PSS Urology Bipolar Loop

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