Millennials Seek Natural Solutions to Fertility Health

Millennials embrace natural family planning

KNOWHEN is a natural saliva-based ovulation test

KNOWHEN Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test is all natural

KNOWHEN Fertility App tracks your cycles on smartphones

KNOWHEN Fertility App keeps track of your cycles on your smartphone

KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit with Fertility Monitor App Identifies Days of Ovulation Naturally with 98.9% Accuracy

18% of sexually active women ages 18 to 44 don't use contraception and are at high risk for unintended pregnancy. Fertility apps help them control their path in life without chemicals or side effects.”

— Helen Denise, founder and CEO of HiLin Life Products, Inc.

NEWARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2019 / — As the number of millennials delaying starting a family increases, so does the willingness of millennial women to embrace more natural solutions to their fertility health and wellness. They want to understand their bodies and are welcoming both information and technology around it — and they're using their smartphones to do it.

Some are using new fertility apps designed to tell a woman when she’s ovulating and when she should not have unprotected sex to avoid an unintended pregnancy, such as KNOWHEN Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test and Fertility Monitor App. It allows women to live naturally and securely on her time-frame.

The Fertility Awareness Method, aka the rhythm method, is seeing a renewal. It doesn’t work for all couples. Women who have regular menstrual cycles and who are very careful about when they have sex usually find it effective. If that’s not your patient, this isn’t going to be her best approach to contraception. This old paper and pen method of tracking ovulation is being replaced by more accurate fertility apps and natural chemical-free ovulation tests like KNOWHEN.

We’ve seen a growing interest in wellness and things being natural among millennials. They tend to have a broader idea of health and wellness and are reluctant to blindly follow what traditional healthcare systems tell them to do. And they are suspicious of anything like prescription medication and putting chemicals into their bodies,” said Helen Denise, CEO and founder of HiLin Life Products Inc., a NJ-based medical device company and global leader in Fertility Tests and marketing research for women’s reproductive health.

“These young women want to learn how their bodies work, but many don’t understand their ovulation cycle. So, they search online, share information in chat groups, and follow social media to take their health into their own hands. It’s important for the medical community and those in women’s reproductive research to give them helpful information, because each woman’s cycle is unique.” said Denise.

Fertility Monitor Apps
Fertility monitor apps like KNOWHEN’s Advanced Saliva Ovulation Kit and Fertility Monitor App allow millennial women to not only track their ovulation cycle naturally using their saliva, but also track their menstrual cycle and sexual activity to determine their 5 (five) most fertile days to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. It gives millennials a natural approach to family planning with 98.9% accuracy, according to U.S. clinical studies. Pinpointing the woman’s time of ovulation is the most effective way to increase a couple’s chance of conception or insure safe contraception.

Learn more about KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App at and see how it is helping physicians empower the lives of women everywhere.

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Easy-to-follow, video animation instructions on how to use KNOWHEN to determine your 5 (five) fertile days in your ovulation cycle.

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NuSierra Colombia SAS Completes Certification of World Class Strains

With low THC and high CBD ratios, these strains allow NuSierra to compete in any market”

— Matias Gaviria – CEO, NuSierra

RIONEGRO, ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA, November 19, 2019 / — NuSierra Colombia SAS (NuSierra) has received final agronomic certification from the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) to commercialize three of its world-class cannabis strains. Several of the approved strains are complaint with the U.S. and E.U. regulations that dried flower THC percentages to be less than .3% and .2%, respectively.

“With low THC and high CBD ratios, these strains allow NuSierra to compete in any market,” says Matias Gaviria, NuSierra’s CEO. Combined with 100% organic cultivation and a 140+ strain library, NuSierra provides its manufacturers, distributors and retailers with the flexibility to consistently meet their customer’s demands for the highest quality cannabis medicines. “The demand for high quality, trusted cannabinoids such as CBD will only increase as markets mature,” says Mr. Gaviria.

NuSierra is a fully, licensed, operating Colombian medical cannabis company, with large-scale 100% organic cultivation, CO2 extraction and controlled environment manufacturing capacity including capsules, tinctures and topicals. Its founders and management team have experience founding and managing large medical cannabis companies in highly regulated marketed within the U.S., Canada and Australia. For more information, visit or send an email to

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Execs In The Know Is Taking Customer Response Summit Coast to Coast in 2020

Global customer experience industry leader Execs In The Know is thrilled to officially announce the 2020 schedule for Customer Response Summit (CRS).

With powerful speakers in the lineup, we’re looking forward to setting the agenda for the next 10 years of customer experience excellence.”

— Chad McDaniel, President and Co-Founder of Execs In The Know

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — Global customer experience industry leader Execs In The Know is thrilled to officially announce the 2020 schedule for Customer Response Summit (CRS). With two more exciting events on the agenda, CRS is going coast to coast, and beach to beach from Hollywood, Florida on March 2-4, 2020, all the way to San Diego, CA on October 5-7, 2020 to celebrate 10 years of inspiring excellence in customer experience (CX). Registration for CRS Hollywood is live with an invitation to save the dates for CRS San Diego. Interested CX leaders can stay informed by subscribing to Execs In The Know updates.

CRS Hollywood is set to take place at the beautiful Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort as attendees will learn, share, network, and engage to innovate while overlooking the one-of-a-kind Hollywood Beach. Guests are in for three days of collaborating with top-level executives from some of the world’s biggest brands with the shared goal of collectively setting the agenda for the future of CX. For 100 years, the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort has enchanted visitors with lavish amenities amidst a quaint, relaxing vibe. This 17-story venue inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett will set the stage for a year of inviting and educational beachfront Customer Response Summits.

Additionally, save the date for CRS San Diego at Hotel Del Coronado on October 5-7, 2020 as Customer Response Summit promises more insights into customer experience hot topics, powerful speakers, and breathtaking beaches on the West Coast. Stay tuned for more information to follow on CRS San Diego.

“We are excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and look at 2020 as a banner year to attend our Customer Response Summit events,” said Chad McDaniel, President and Co-Founder of Execs In The Know. “With powerful speakers in the lineup, we’re looking forward to setting the agenda for the next 10 years of customer experience excellence.”

Customer Response Summit is one of the world’s most interactive gatherings of customer experience leaders featuring execs from household brands seeking to expand their networks and take away key insights into how to delight their customers. Top-level brands and select Execs In The Know business partners and associates will be on hand to deliver spirited keynotes, interactive sessions, expert panel discussions, and data-driven case studies. Additionally, the event includes an exciting industry tour, the release of the latest Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) report to detail the hottest year-over-year trends within the industry, and so much more.

To register for CRS Hollywood, visit this link below:

If you are interested in becoming a part of our prestigious community of customer experience leaders, you can request to join our online community called Know It All (KIA) here:

About Execs In The Know
Execs In The Know is a global community of customer experience (CX) professionals focused on setting agenda for CX by providing opportunities for CX leaders to learn, share, network, and engage. Execs In The Know gives brands a platform to share and gain insights, benchmark their brand, stay on top of the latest trends in CX, and create lasting relationships with their peers – “Leaders Learning From Leaders.” Execs In The Know holds numerous live events each year including Customer Response Summit, Subject Matter Briefings, Lunch & Learns, and Leadership Dinners. They also offer industry content and thought leadership through their webinars, reports, Know It All online community, and various other social media groups. To learn more about Execs In The Know visit:

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Check out our latest CRS event video from Denver to see what you will experience.

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Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California Raises $205,000 at Annual Gala at Rock Wall Winery

EFNC Annual Gala Raises $205,000 for essential programs

Kelly Goto and Joanne Hernon attending the Annual EFNC Gala

2019 Annual Gala raises 205k to help maintain essential programs offered by the association to over 180,000 northern California residents

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California is pleased to announce that $205,000 was raised at the organization's 2019 Annual Gala helped on November 2, 2019, at the Rock Wall Winery Company in Alameda, California. The funds will be used to maintain the essential programs offered to the over 180,000 northern California residents who count on the association for life-saving support.

2019 has been an important year for building a healthy growth plan for the organization while increasing the list of services available for our community. Funds raised from the event go to fund important programs such as the Seizure First Aid Training Program, Peer2-Peer mentoring programs, Living with Epilepsy Seminars, and, most importantly, helping support and education families and newly diagnosed patients to live their “new normal” life.

“We would like to thank all of our patrons who attended this year’s gala,” states Carlos Quesada, Executive Director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California. “Every year, the lives of thousands of Northern California residents are enriched through the support of this one-night event. We’re proud to be able to provide the education and support for caregivers and individuals battling epilepsy.”

For more information on epilepsy or EFNC, visit them online at

Carlos Quesada
Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
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Sacred Surrogacy and Canadian Fertility Consultants Partner for another Year of Surrogacy Retreats in 2020

Sacred Surrogacy

Canadian Fertility Consultants and Sacred Surrogacy will deliver 20 Retreats to Surrogates across Canada in 2020

Surrogacy is the most unique and beautiful right of passage that a woman can participate in, we encourage you to Fall in Love with the Journey”

— Leia Swanberg

COBOURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 19, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consulting, and Sacred Surrogacy are excited to announce a New Retreat Model for Canadian Surrogates in 2020. Founder Leia Swanberg shared with us that this new model will provide more opportunities to meet Surrogates located in smaller communities that until now didn't have access to Retreats. Instead of the Retreat Weekend model, which they held 6 of each year, this new Model will be run as One day Retreats, and 20 of these events will occur, in cities such as Kelowna, British Columbia, Red Deer Alberta, Calgary Alberta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as far east as Halifax Nova Scotia. The Sacred Surrogacy Organization will partner with Canadian Fertility Consultants, to ensure that these Retreats provide the largest Impact and are in locations that until now have not been served by the program. Last year the BBC filmed a Documentary at one of the weekend Retreats, and since there have been journalists who have become fascinated by the Sacred Surrogacy movement, and the way in which it has changed the narrative of Gestational Surrogacy.

When participants have been asked how these Retreats, as well as other Self care products, meditations, and Support received by the program has Impacted their Journeys, the majority of the women engaged were very positive, and have said that it has been one of the reasons that they have been so committed not only to the process, but with the women that they have met along the way.

While Surrogacy is still somewhat controversial, Canadian Fertility Consultants, and Sacred Surrogacy are committed to re framing this process, and providing Education, Information, and Support to those who are entering into what they call a Soul Contract, a Beautiful Right of Passage, one that leaves a beautiful heart print for years to come.

For more information on Sacred Surrogacy, and the Services that they provide to Surrogates around the globe, or to simply learn more about the process, please reach out through their website, or

Leia Swanberg
+1 905-269-7436
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Secure Channels Readies XOTIC® Core for Network Cameras

Lightweight Cipher Gives OEMs Faster, Stronger Tool to Aid End User Compliance

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — Secure Channels Inc. announced the release of its advanced encryption solution for network camera OEM integration. Secure Channels’ XOTIC® Core cryptosystem gives network camera manufacturers new market advantages for selling encrypted video devices. XOTIC Core encrypts digital video with block cipher strength at streaming cipher speed that allows network camera OEMs to provide more secure cameras without a performance tradeoff. Secure Channels’ announcement comes as video encryption becomes more urgent to end users responsible for safeguarding image data under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Data privacy laws like the CCPA tend to be legally broad. All 50 states have breach notification laws on the books, but California joins states like Nevada, Illinois and New Jersey by enacting a law that permits civil action against entities that fail to protect personal information. Organizations are learning that when the CCPA goes into effect Jan. 1, video captured on their security and safety systems can meet the criteria of “personal information” covered. Video of persons inside an airport, a retail establishment, a casino or a courthouse can form the basis of serious privacy violations in the event of a leak or breach. Organizations seeking to avoid possible liability and penalties under the CCPA are placing more importance on video cybersecurity. XOTIC Core’s encryption gives network camera OEMs a powerful advantage in the race to provide these customers with devices that help them with compliance.

As the General Data Protection Regulation — the CCPA’s model predecessor — continues to motivate data privacy violation fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars, organizations worldwide entrusted with California residents’ personal information are realizing they could be liable for the unauthorized release of sensitive data, including video images. Encryption technologies, if any, that have been integrated into network cameras lean on algorithms that are losing their comparative strength to advancing quantum threats. Others use 20-year-old standards that struggle to keep up with the performance demands of higher-megapixel, higher-frame-rate cameras. XOTIC Core solves for both deficiencies.

“XOTIC was optimized for soundly encrypting streaming data in environments as intensive as those found in the film industry,” explained Secure Channels CEO Richard Blech. “In that kind of extreme protection situation, the cipher needs to be capable of a frictionless deployment, and be lightweight, fast and efficient enough to encrypt high-frame-rate, 4K or 8K video directly from the camera, frame by frame.”

XOTIC excels under the film industry’s punishing workload, providing a level of protection and performance unavailable in other cryptosystems. Its few lines of code fit in devices with virtually zero available battery, CPU, processor or space. XOTIC Core’s digital litheness gives network camera OEMs more versatile encryption and greater performance flexibility as camera technology continues to evolve.

Blech also explained that XOTIC Core’s default encryption key length is already twice the strength of the accepted gold standard integrated into many network cameras today, and it can be set to several times higher for greater protection without added latency. This level of protection satisfies the CCPA’s mandate of “reasonable security” and spares end users from the sharpest penalties in the event of leaked or breached video.

“The CCPA is showing that governing agencies are taking consumer data privacy much more seriously by broadening the liability of and litigation against those tasked with protecting personal information. As such, video security and safety systems now need to be part of every organization’s end-to-end cybersecurity plan,” Blech noted. “When organizations realize that unprotected video is another vulnerability that can subject them to the breach reporting nightmare and resulting financial consequences, they’re going to rely on camera manufacturers to provide future-proof, threat-resistant solutions. XOTIC Core gives camera OEMs the solution.”

Learn more about XOTIC Core at

About Secure Channels
Secure Channels is a cybersecurity solutions development company based in Irvine, Calif. Our experts engineer and develop high-performance, cost-effective cybersecurity technologies as platform-agnostic software and hardware-ready solutions to protect against present and emerging threats. Our award-winning, cryptanalyst-celebrated solutions include advanced data protection, no-friction encryption, authentication, enterprise confidentiality solutions and proximity-based monitoring and intelligence capabilities. Learn more at

Secure Channels Inc.
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HER Intimate Care line of products

HER Intimate Care

The V Takes Center Stage in the Anti-Aging Beauty World

SEATTLE, WA, USA, November 19, 2019 / — Joylux, the women’s intimate health company that pioneered the award-winning vFit device, is helping women care for their most delicate tissue with the introduction of HER Intimate Care™. While women spend hundreds of dollars a year on anti-aging beauty products, most creams and body washes have harmful ingredients and high pH values that can cause dryness, irritation, and discomfort when used on delicate vulvar tissue. Formulated by leading OB-GYN Dr. Sarah de la Torre, HER Intimate Care products are completely clean—free of any harmful ingredients—and have pH levels that are balanced to help cleanse, hydrate, nourish, and refresh a woman’s entire body without compromising her intimate areas.

Intimate health is one of the hottest topics in the beauty industry, according to the Kline Report, with more brands reexamining vaginal care beyond washes and wipes. This is no surprise, given that more than 50 percent of women experience vaginal dryness 1, nearly 65 percent have turned down intimacy due to concerns about scent 2, and many often struggle with itching, irritation and odor. To address some of these embarrassing dilemmas, the HER Intimate Care line is gentle yet effective for use on this delicate tissue.

“As an Ob-Gyn, I used to tell my patients to just wash with water as soap can be drying and irritating. However, my patients asked for more as feeling fresh has a big impact on confidence. I searched for products to recommend, but quickly discovered that I couldn’t find products made with clean ingredients appropriate for intimate tissue—that’s what led me to create the HER Intimate Care line. I both use and recommend these products to my patients” says Dr. de la Torre.

Available through physician offices and online, HER Intimate Care essentials include a gentle body wash, an intense hydrating serum, and a deodorizing mist that are efficacious, pH-balanced at 4.5 to 5, and completely clean—free of parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oils, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEG, and synthetic fragrance, dyes, and alcohol—with no animal testing. Not only do they deliver powerful results, but they are safe and effective to use from head to toe.

The Luxurious New Line Features:
• cleansHER- A soft, gentle wash that blends aloe barbadensis leaf extract, mandarin orange blossom oil, and arginine to help cleanse and freshen your body and your most delicate intimate skin
• revitalizHER- A deeply hydrating serum that uses coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E to soften, soothe and nourish the intimate tissue
• refresHER- A deodorizing mist that combines the power of aloe with witch hazel leaf extract to combat sweat. Reduce odor and freshen your most intimate areas

“As leaders in FemTech, we are uniquely qualified to understand and address women’s intimate health challenges,” says Colette Courtion, Joylux Founder and CEO. “We have many years of scientific research in vaginal heath fueling the creation of these products, including global clinical studies and a network of over 300 physicians who retail our popular devices today. With a deep understanding of how intimate wellness affects every aspect of a woman’s life, we formulated these unique products to enhance our industry-leading device technology to deliver optimal vaginal wellness and empower women to live their best lives.”

To learn about and purchase HER Intimate Care and get access to helpful resources for information about feminine wellness, visit our new site at

About Joylux, Inc.
Joylux, Inc. is a global health technology company creating innovative products under the brands vFit, vFit PLUS, vSculpt and vSculpt PRO that transform women's intimate health and empower women to live their best lives.

1. The Benchmarking Company, Beauty and Personal Care Research. Joylux 2015
2. Industry Data 2019

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Surge in Child Baker Acts Prompts Watchdog to Call for Greater Protection of Children

Involuntary examinations are being initiated on children without parental knowledge. The parent finds out AFTER their child has been Baker Acted.

Involuntary examinations are being initiated on children without parental knowledge. The parent finds out AFTER their child has been Baker Acted.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

From FY13/14 to FY17/18, statewide involuntary examinations increased 18.85% for children

From FY13/14 to FY17/18, statewide involuntary examinations increased 18.85% for children

The Florida chapter of CCHR is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the protection of children.

The Florida chapter of CCHR is a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the protection of children.

Normal Childhood Behavior is not a Mental Illness

Normal Childhood Behavior is not a Mental Illness

CCHR is asking lawmakers to change how the mental health law is applied to children to protect them from traumatic involuntary psychiatric examinations.

The manner in which the Baker Act is being initiated, especially when dealing with children, is a gross violation of human rights.”

— Diane Stein, President CCHR Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — The mental health law in Florida, commonly called a Baker Act, allows for a person of any age to be taken into custody and transported to a psychiatric facility for examination. During 2018 there were over 200,000 Baker Acts with more than 36,000 of them initiated on children. Some of these children are very young, including those between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. [1]

According to the Baker Act Reporting Center, involuntary examinations more than doubled in the past 17 years prompting the Florida chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) to call for amendments to existing state law to protect children from abuse. CCHR is concerned over the large number of individuals being sent annually for involuntary psychiatric examinations in light of the fact that it is known that a percentage of these Baker Acts are illegal due to a failure to meet the criteria for taking a person into custody.

In order to take a person into custody under a Baker Act there are three criteria that must be legally met yet it is common knowledge that this is not always done and it was disclosed during a meeting of the Baker Act Task Force in 2017 that 30 percent of the Baker Acts initiated on children in Pinellas County did not meet the criteria. This alarming fact is one reason CCHR believes the Baker Act needs to be reformed so that parents and guardians are brought into the process before a child is put through the trauma of a Baker Act in an effort to reduce illegal Baker Acting of minors. [2]

In the example of minors, parents and legal guardians are being left out of the process only finding out that their child has been Baker Acted after initiation and usually after the child has been transported by law enforcement to a psychiatric facility. CCHR believes that this is a rights violation, a belief that is shared by Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and even School Districts across Florida.

“The involuntary psychiatric examination of children is a gross violation of human and parental rights,” stated Diane Stein, President CCHR Florida.

Over the past several years, CCHR has worked to educate those granted the power to initiate a Baker Act on a child on why a parent or guardian should be brought into the process before initiation resulting in county and city level policy changes that requires parents to be contacted prior to initiating a Baker Act.

However, greater protection of children is needed according to CCHR who is calling for lawmakers to change how the mental health law is applied to children and teens to help prevent unjust involuntary psychiatric examinations.

Those interested in learning more about CCHR’s campaign to protect children from abusive Baker Acting are encouraged to call 800-782-2878.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969. For more information visit

[1] Baker Act Reporting Center

Diane Stein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
+1 727-422-8820
email us here
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CCHR Florida: Who Speaks for the Child?

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Inmedix to present at the Keiretsu Forum Bay Area Investor Capital Expo on November 21, 2019.

Andrew J. Holman, MD, Inmedix CEO & Co-founder, to highlight immuno-autonomic diagnostics.

NORMANDY PARK, WA, USA, November 19, 2019 / — Inmedix, the leader in next-generation heart rate variability (HRV) applications as an informative diagnostic tool in autoimmune disease, today announced that CEO & Co-founder, Andrew J. Holman, MD, will showcase Inmedix at the Investor Capital Expo in San Francisco.

The Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investor network with over 3000 accredited angel investors throughout 53 chapters spanning 4 continents. Membership includes angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate/institutional investors and serial entrepreneurs that provide early stage seed capital to high-quality, diverse investment opportunities.

The Investor Capital Expo, the premier gathering of the angel capital community, will be held at Julia Morgan Ballroom, 465 California St., San Francisco, CA from 8 am to 5 pm on November 21, 2019. More information can be found at

Immuno-autonomics is the interface between stress, modulated within the brain by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and the immune system. In autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks healthy tissues for reasons which remain unclear. Therapy is directed with various immunosuppressive strategies to reduce this inappropriate attack and potential destruction of joints, skin, kidney, brain, etc. (depending on the specific autoimmune disease.)
Fundamentally, ANS stress can drive an autoimmune disease to untreatable excess. Understanding how the immune system is modulated by ANS stress in the brain may offer an important new pathway for patients and clinicians combating these diseases.

“Keiretsu Forum has been a leader in nurturing emerging medtech and biotech companies for many years,” says Andrew J. Holman, MD, rheumatologist and Inmedix CEO. “As an investment member of the Keiretsu Forum Pacific Northwest Chapter as well as Inmedix CEO, I am particularly proud to have an opportunity to showcase our innovation to Bay Area investors at this signature event.”

Rae Marie Gleason
Education Program Director, Inmedix, Inc.
+1 206-466-3349
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Aging Is Inevitable But Getting Old Is A Choice

Kim Moore, Age 51

50+ year-old fitness instructor proves you don’t have to compete with millennials to stay young

At 51, I know my lifestyle is different than when I was 30 so I love the shortened format which allows me to easily fit in a good and effective workout and then get on with my day.”

— Kim Moore

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — You hear all the talk of anti-aging but aging is inevitable. It is simple mathematics; another year passes and your years on the earth increase but what’s the alternative? Plus, those passing years add up to lots of valuable experience and wisdom. What we are eagerly fighting is getting old; our bodies not moving and working like we want them too so we can enjoy all the things we love that aging has helped us to discover.

Fitness is even more critical for women 50+ than their younger counterparts to help from getting old as they age. But the fitness industry isn’t focused on this market. It focuses on millennials with hour long class formats designed for competition and hopes that participants walk away chanting “I thought I was going to die”. Fitness instructor, Kim Moore, realizes that as women hit a different life stage, staying fit is critical but hour-long classes and commutes don’t always allow fitness to fit into the schedule.

To combat the time struggle, Moore has started a virtual fitness class that is only 30 minutes. This eliminates travel time, just find a convenient space in the home. Class is live so all virtual participants will see those in the studio sweating, struggling and succeeding right along with them; no pre-edited classes, no perfect moves. The class format was created by Shaun T, creator of Insanity, and uses body weight and a step platform only to ramp up the intensity. With or without a step, this 30-minute class will sculpt your core, legs, glutes, and upper body.

“I teach this 30-minute class with modifications to assist and challenge all fitness levels. At 51, I know my lifestyle is different than when I was 30 so I love the shortened format which allows me to easily fit in a good and effective workout and then get on with my day.” says Moore. Classes stream live in a private Facebook group on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm. These virtual classes are only $5 a month and allow participants to join class from wherever they are; no commute. Participants also have access to the Facebook group where they can gain camaraderie through posts by members.

For more information or to sign up, visit

Kim Moore is available for commentary, Q&A’s, interviews and can further discuss the following topics:

• Why 30 minutes a day is all you need to get fit
• 10 hacks to get 30 minutes of fitness in a day
• Five tips for getting fit over 50
• How to maintain, not gain this holiday season

Please let me know when you’d like to schedule her.

Kimberly Moore
Fitness Snob Studio
+1 202-813-3197
email us here

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