Ai4 Healthcare: The First Conference to Exclusively Explore How AI and ML Are Impacting The Healthcare Industry

The two day conference will occur on November 12/13 in New York City. Top companies from across the industry: Pfizer, Kaiser Permanente, Sanofi, Aetna, etc.

From pharma to provider to payor, everyone has to understand what AI means to their business or risk being left behind. Through Ai4 Healthcare, we hope to increase AI confidence for our participants.”

— Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, Ai4

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2018 / — For those familiar with the healthcare industry, it's no surprise that adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies is no easy task. In an industry filled with concerns about patient privacy and FDA regulations, implementing cutting-edge technologies requires a firm understanding of the risks. The benefits of implementing AI, both to outcomes and bottom lines, have become too obvious to ignore. Top companies have entered into a mad dash to figure out how they can build an AI competency within their organizations before competitors leap ahead.

In its inaugural year, the Ai4 Healthcare Conference is taking place at the center of this industry-wide AI transformation. The conference provides a venue for knowledge sharing for executives to compare notes on their AI woes and successes. Speakers from top healthcare companies including Aetna, Mount Sinai, Sanofi, Dignity Health, Novartis, Anthem, Pfizer, NewYork-Presbyterian, and others will take the stage to discuss how they have successfully implemented and benefitted from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Day One, November 12th, is the Data Summit, which is geared towards technical job roles: the builders, engineers, and architects. Technical leaders at major hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers will take a deep dive into the specifics of their machine learning models. 

Day Two, November 13th, is the Business Summit, which is intended for business-focused and hybrid job roles: the executives, product leads, and heads of innovation. The content will focus on the business impact of top AI use cases in the healthcare industry including AI for patient care, medical imaging & diagnostics, management, and research & development.

Once the conference ends each day, "AI After Dark" picks up with a series of curated dinners on Monday night and an Ai4 bar crawl on Tuesday. You can apply to attend Ai4 Healthcare, taking place on November 12th and 13th, 2018 at 117 W 46th Street, New York, NY. 

Common AI applications in the healthcare industry include AI for electronic health records, pricing & risk, population health, diagnosis & prescription, medical devices, brand management, chatbots, insurance fraud, case prioritization, imaging insights, and drug discovery. Healthcare companies are making use of artificial intelligence at every level, causing company-wide changes in internal operations, investment decisions, and end products.

Ai4 Healthcare is part of the larger Ai4 Conference Series which organizes industry-specific conferences centered around AI applications. Most recently, Ai4 Finance took place on August 21st and convened all the major banks and hedge funds to explore AI. The organizers behind Ai4 have also convened tens of thousands of people for the future festival known as Worlds Fair Nano. Click here to explore Ai4's main website.

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Confirmed Speakers To The November Conference Include:
Peter Fleischut, SVP and Chief Transformation Officer, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Vish Anantraman, Chief Innovation Architect, Northwell Health
Rajeev Ronanki, Chief Digital Officer, Anthem
Jodie Gillon, Global Medical Lead Patient Engagement Rare, Pfizer
Madhuri Sebastian, VP AI Partnerships, GE Healthcare
Dmitriy Gorenshteyn, Senior Data Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Sasha Gutfraind, Senior Healthcare Data Scientist, Blue Health Intelligence
Mark Kanner, Lead Data Scientist, Aetna
Tawnya Infantino, Senior Director of Digital Products, Dignity Health
Christopher Lehmuth, Senior Director – Enterprise Data, Express Scripts
Melanie Kambdur, Search Team Lead, Oscar
Sean Lane, CEO, Olive
Isabelle Lousada, CEO, ARC
Michael Recht, Head of Radiology, NYU Langone
Bülent Kiziltan, Former Head of Deep Learning, Aetna
Sanji Fernando, VP of OptumLabs, UnitedHealth Group
Michael Berger, VP – Population Health Informatics, Mount Sinai Hospital
Emmanuel Fombu, Director of Digital, Novartis
Erik Pupo, Chief Information Officer, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
David Tsay, Associate Chief Innovation Officer, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Chris Steel, Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IQVIA
Len Usvyat, VP – Integrated Care Analytics, Fresenius Medical Care
Adam Jenkins, Data Science Lead, Biogen
Michael Frank, Director Strategy World Wide R&D, Pfizer
Viraj Patwardhan, VP Digital Design & Consumer Experience, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
John Fahrenbach, Data Scientist, University Chicago Hospital

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Source: EIN Presswire